What products to buy, for brown regrowth to get it platinum again

Discussion in 'Ask a pro' started by Blondebeautyinfo, Jan 8, 2017.

  1. Blondebeautyinfo
    I am chronically ill & in the last few mos I have been unable to see my colorist to have my roots done, and maintain the light almost white my hair had..
    I am wondering what products to get at a supply store like Sallys in order to do my regrowth (1 1/2in-2in or so) and tone? the rest back to that whitish color... (in the 2nd color u can see its turning yellow) purple shampoo isn't doing enough..
    I'm a darkish med brown, colorists says my hair and scalp can tolerate bleach extremely well..
    1. what products? as specific as possible if u can! (I've only heard of Wella & Manic Panic)
    2. how can I get the regrowth at the scalp and that further away to finish at the same time?
    3. how can I whiten up the rest of my hair?

    Thanks Guys! Many Hugs and Much Love From California
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  2. Noodle
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    Welcome to the site.

    Unfortunately, the hair professionals using Salon Geek are not permitted to give detailed technical information or colour formulas to those members who are unqualified and have no formal training.

    Perhaps though, if you're able to, you could ask a qualified hairdresser who provides mobile services to visit you in your own home?

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