What qualification is needed to do a paraffin wax treatment on the face?



I would like to provide facial paraffin wax treatments. I am thinking perhaps I not be qualified to do this though.

I have my manicure and pedicure qualification and paraffin wax was demonstrated in that for the hands and feet. So I know I can do that.I also do oriental face massage - but paraffin wax was not covered in that - just using oils and the massage moves.

Would love to know your opinion. I am wondering if I would need a qualification in Facials to be able to do paraffin wax on the face - or if you could let me know what qualification I would need. Or because it was covered in the manicure and pedicure course can I do it now?



You will need to check with your insurers. I'm insured with BABTAC and they take into account your training and qualifications - not just a blanket of 'You need X qualification for that' . However, you may find that as you have not actually done a paraffin wax facial application, they may request that you do further training! Depends on who you are insured with! Good luck x

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Did you have any luck finding an answer to this? I'm in the same situation with the paraffin on hands and feet covered but insure if I can apply to face and be covered x


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If you haven't done any qualification in facials I would make the assumption you'd b unable too?!...as mentioned before check with the company that insures u&they'll b able to point u in the right direction? Otherwise u'd b looking at contacting your local college and finding out if u can do a stand alone qualification? Good luck and I hope u get some answers soon x