What to look for when choosing a hair extensionist?

Bev Rose

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Hi to all you hair geeks!!

Could you please give me some advice ...

I have a client who is searching for someone to do hair extensions for her. She has never had them done before and would like to know what she should look for when choosing someone.

What type of bonds are best?

What type of hair/products should the hair extentionist be using so she knows she's getting good quality ?

What qualifications should she be looking out for?

What else should she be aware of?

Any help or advice would be very welcome. Thanks in advance for your help xxxxx


You should be looking for somone who has completed a HABIA approved course and make sure they are insured. Another useful thing is plenty of before & after photo's. As for price depending on where you are in the country, I would say don't go for anyone offering really cheap extensions around £150 for a full head, the hair is probably very cheap and won't last the 3 months.


Please advise her to go to a qualified hairdresser in a salon (more comeback) who has completed a recognised course. Be wary of any quotes that seem too cheap. You cannot get a decent head of long hair ext for under 350 quid.

Bev Rose

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Thank you both very much. I'll pass it on to her. xxx


You should be looking for somone who has completed a HABIA approved course and make sure they are insured.
However if you want a professionally trained hair extensionist DONT just look for someone having completed a habia course as you dont have to be a hairdresser and it can only be 2 days of training .Look for these qualities as well and you are in safe hands

1)A fully trained hairdresser Nvq2 minimum!
2)Then having also completed a habia approved hair extension qualification from a company who will only deal with Hair professionals such as Racoon
3)Ask to see their certificates

This applies to salon based or mobile .
However if you are wanting someone to come to you

4) A member of FHBF ( Freelance hair and beauty federation) for professionals only! Which also ensures the fact a) they are insured and qualified and b) they are professional!
I am freelance and am happy to show my folder brimming with nvq's and trade certificates to anyone who will ask.

Dont be scared!!!!


Great minds think alike i have a file that i always carry my qualification , registration and insurance certificates , testmonials , client before and after photos with me when ever i go to a client.
Any crediable hairdresser will be happy to show you her nvq's and trade certs.
I will also supply new customers with previous/ regular clients telephone no.s ( whom i previously have asked obviously) who are happy to give feedback.