What to tell clients at the moment who normally have waxing?


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Do I have had clientsxwaxing for years.


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Tell them to leave the hair and they can book in when things get back to normal


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I have given my clients safe advice of how to wax at home and the best things to use because let’s face it, they will shave and most won’t wait because of the weather and because they will start to feel unclean. If they are desperate I would just say to shave until they come back, it’s unfair to just say to leave it, it’s like hairdressers telling their clients to not colour their own hair and to leave it, how horrible will everyone start to feel, It’s bad enough being stuck indoors. If they make mistakes we have to be there when this is over to fix them and get them back on track and as long as they understand then it’s fine. With bikini area I would just say to trim for now and if they have a partner just use their beard trimmer! If they are able to leave their hair then that’s fantastic but over 2 months growth is hard to bare.

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I said look, waxing is no good for anyone when they feel like crap. The mind plays a huge part in waxing physiology and it really can feel worse when you are sad.

Stress and sadness are daily things now.

Normally we have the therapist to talk us through and help us focus on the situation at hand but at home, with a wax pot in unskilled hands is just recipe for disaster. Even skilled waxers burn, bruise and hurt people. When I was untrained I hurt myself too. You just can’t do it without knowing properly. I actually once had a blob of hard wax glued to my fanny I couldn’t pull off and had to grow it out and cut it off. I wouldn’t wish that on my girls.

There is a reason they don’t do it themselves and they pay us. If they were able to do it easily and safely and without screaming they would be already.

Mine are shaving as I’ve advised and some are depressed or glad they don’t have to do anything and leaving it. I lasted 4 weeks before I waxed mine and I videoed it for them in a chatty don’t do this yourself way.

I ran out of wax but don’t want a delivery person coming to my house unnecessarily with some wax. I don’t think its essential for me to stock up my work stuff when I’m not even working. I picked up a razor in my monthly shop and am shaving too.

If anything...it just gives us something to DO. Like my god I can’t sit in bed all day everyday. I can at least shave and be smooth and get back in bed. But some people out there already cancel waxing appts as they just can’t bring themselves to go..there’s no way a lot will be getting out of bed to wax themselves if so.

One is using veet and it’s in abundance in all the online supermarkets. It stinks but it gets the job done I guess. That’s one that just won’t shave because she gets too sore. I’ve told them they will be waiting a very long time as I will be last to go back to work but I think maybe they are hopeful.

But they can use some oil to soften before shaving, and stick deodorant to keep it from getting irritated.