What trainee prices?

Hey ladies.

So someone has contacting me wanting extensions. My 2 'case study' clients have paid for their own hair and I have fitted for free. Am thinking with people who contact me I would like to earn a little bit but trainee prices.

Any suggestions? Am thinking between £100-£120. Is that too much?


Extension Queen
This is totally an experience thing of how much you would charge etc, also research how much mobile hair extensions are in hampshire etc this will give you a rough idea of how much you should be charging. Also people who charge higher have an existing client base which is something to think about.

Would you want to pay between £100-£120 if a trainee was doing your extensions? I know that I wouldn’t.


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Do you mean you’re thinking of earning £100-£120? After the cost of hair, consumables etc? Many very experienced extension techs don’t charge that as their fitting cost.