What type of lighting do you have?

I work in a smallish to medium sized room at home with a regular overhead hanging light fitting. I use a high 100 watt equivalent bulb but it doesn’t give enough light. I need to close the curtain in my room for privacy so no daylight gets in. I also have a ‘daylight ring lamp’ on wheels which I pull for extra light where ever I need it but that’s a pain to have to do with every treatment. I really need a brightly lit room. I also get lots of shadows and if I move directly under the ceiling light it blocks the light and causes worse shadows. Any suggestions?


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Have you thought about an led light like Glamcor or a ringlight? There is even models that clip onto the bed x

I’m m sure the ring lamp I have on wheels is led. It’s just a pain. I’d rather have a light fitting that did the job and lit the whole room. I’ve tried finding LED bulbs with super high wattage but very few work in a fitting that has a dimmer switch. Wondering if there’s a better light fitting overhead rather than the normal single bulb. Don’t know if strip lights are any better?