What's the best hard gel for sculpting?

Hi Everyone :)

I'm looking for some advice, currently I'm using Bio Sculpture, Shellac and Gelish which is fine for colour over natural nails but I really want to start offering extensions.

I have actually done the bio sculpture sculpting 1 day course years ago but I just didn't find it strong enough and clients nails were not lasting so I just stopped offering it.

What is your favourite hard gel brand that lasts, was thinking about Harmony or CND brisa. I've seen people mention young nails ?

I live in Scotland also so there would need to be training in Scotland

Please help xxx


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Really it is a personal choice. There is a difference in viscosities and application, that you really need to experience. All of the hard gel brands you mentioned have a good reputation, but you should add NSI, OPI and Light Elegance to the list. Perhaps there is a beauty show you could visit?

We will make a class in Scotland during the summer where we will show our hard gels, soak-off sculpting gels and gel polishes. But that is probably too late for you.


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Agree with above. It would be best to test them out and see which brand you prefer?

Light elegance and The Gel Bottle are two main ones I use.

At the moment I use LE and TGB. I have been trying INK but I can't take the smell.


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I'm loving Victoria Vynn at the moment xx


I use Crystal Nails hard gels. The choice of sculpting gels is incredible and I have found over three years the brand is consistent, training is available and stock has never been an issue.


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I use the flirties one and have not had any issues with strength at all. It is really easy to apply and self levels too x

Thanks everyone, there is a show coming up in Glasgow I was going to go to ... Your right I probably should sample them all before I make a final decision x