What's the rudest thing a client has said to you?


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Nov 14, 2012
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I'm sure there will be some interesting answers on this one!
Mine was actually yesterday and to be honest I'm not sure if she was rude or not but I didn't really know what to say back lol. She rang me after I was recommended to her and seeing some of my work on my Facebook page. She told me she needed to be looking her best at all times because of her job and wanted someone to come to her every 2 weeks without fail, I told her this shouldn't be a issue and we can discuss it at her appointment if that's what she would like. She then went onto say 'yeh well I've seen your pictures and your work looks ok ... (slight pause) I guess, due to u being mobile'. I wasn't really sure what to say so just said 'thanks! Ill see u Tuesday at 5pm!' Lol x
My rudest was when this client (whom pls note is always late) was running late and i msged her to c whether she was on her way . Her appointment was at 2 and at 2.45 she arrived fuming. When i opened the door she went 'whats your problem ?? I was driving! My appointment was at 2.30!' I calmly replied - your appointment was at 2 and i msged you as i am back to back today. Anyways she sat down got her phone out. She checked her msgs (as thats how she had made her booking through msg) and she looked up at me and went - ' your right it was at 2'. I obviously was fuming and shaking as she had spoke to me very arrogantly , Yes some clients are hard to deal with. After her appointment i needed a glass of wine ;)
My rudest, was years ago when doing a stuck up dentists pedicure. .. she asked if I would ever go bk to school? ?? (I was 22). Confused I asked what she meant, she replied "for u to go bk to school get your standard grades so u can get a decent job!!". After telling her I infact had excellent standard grades a modern apprenticeship in chilcare, and done 3 years at college got an NC HNC, HND in beauty therapy I had a great job. She then cheekily went on to say so u actually had to go college to do this, I honestly wanted to make her bleed lol xx

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Please may I just point out that this is a public forum, and clients could well be reading what you are writing about them so please bear this in mind when posting.
!! All three of those made me angry! The cheek of some people!! X
Mine was "Gosh, I bet you hate your job... It must be so boring" whilst doing her spray tan.

Erm no, I like my job thank you!

I hope you don't mind me answering this - it was kind of mind boggling at the time albeit maybe 10 years ago and it wasnt to me but to The Geek my husband Samuel.

He had stopped at a salon on his way home from work (you know going out of his way to help someone after hours) as she had complained about the 'powder' not working properly with the liquid. We had done some testing on this powder as nothing she said made sense... it turns out that the tub was so contaminated from the lid being left off all the time, that is was full of dust, different 'other' powders and goodness knows what else. :Scared:

So Sam goes in to help with HER tub of powder and a new tub of the same powder and bats out 2/3 gorgeous nails with no problems with the NEW powder. 'She' the owner sat there in front of her customer and said to Sam "Well what the f*%k do you know about nails anyway - you just sit in front of a computer all day"... nice huh!!!!

I have never seen Sam so mad... particularly as he had gone out of his way to help...:smack::smack: but there you go! I believe he is over it now! :biggrin: :grr::grr::grr:
How rude what am Ungrateful lady! C

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Mine was a friend of a client who came with her while she was having her nails done, we were chatting about Shrinking Violet and the friend said "load of rubbish, they clearly don't work, just look at you!"

I am a size 10 and happy with that!!

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What a cheeky cow!!!!!:eek:
Omg shocking!!!
Where i used to work we had a client wbo would complain about anything and everything. One particular day my manager had offered her a free treatment as way of compensation for her treatment being five minutes late (now this client would do anything for a free treatment and was constantly being given them so fuel to the fire there!) I had finished checking her out and given her her treatment voucher said thank you and have a nice day and she walked out. I got up off reception to help a collegue out when she flies through the door and sfarts swearing at me as she wasnt given the treatment she had specificed she wanted. I tried to calm her down saying i would get my manager and she continued her nasty foul mouthed rant at me and saying i was clearly backwards as i worked in beauty and that i was to adore her with attention as soon as she walked in as i was her servent whilst here. Thatcsecond my manager walked through took the voucher out of her hand and and sacked her kn the spot in no uncertain terms. Was quite funny to see fhe client walk out with her tail between her legs as she was never nice to us for the time i had been there and apparently shd was a clienf there before i had arrived

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I've had loads of rude things said to me and laugh most of them off ...but the one thing that annoyed me the most was a lady( yoga teacher) who told me she was going buy a lamp and product off ebay and do it herself as it's really not that difficult.....I was raging and told her ....yeah , it is easy , you should do that....your clients should just buy a yoga book and copy the poses off that , same thing isn't it?
She blushed and left..ignoramumus
Ok I think this is my worsed one,

client: lynn when are you getting married as we don't want you having bastard children.
My reply : will being married make me a better parent. She couldn't answer me.

Im not married and don't have any kids :-/

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I'm not opening this thread again. It's winding me up no end and making my blood boil! :mad:

Just noticed my teeth are clenched writing this. I just hate rudeness! I get my fair share of comments insinuating (big word for a nail tech) that I am brain dead too.
M friend has a salon and recently some fella came in for a facial x
As she was doing his facial he started like slightly gasping for air ,
My friend said
'R u ok, would you like some water?'
He replied yes please
So she got him water
Next min he sits up and says
Just taking my medication,

She says oh i hope your ok !!

He sAys yea im fine put his medication in the water a gulps it down and says
I just needed to take my cocaine!!!!!!

He calmed down and layed back down!

In her head shes thinking OH **** WHAT SHOUL I DO ,

So she carries on thinking ill get him done and out quick
He starts on her saying
have u got a man?
I bet ur an easy lover!
Id love to be loving you all over
In the end she cut the treatment short n pretended it was finished ,
Chucked him out and locked the door xx
I can not stand rudeness! Oh my goodness it bugs me. There is no excuse for it at all. People aren't stupid (or maby they are) but you know when you are saying something offensive. In my opinion if someone is rubbing you up the wrong way they are doing it on purpose! I once had a little girl taking an interest in what I was doing and I said something like, "oh little hairdresser in the making" being kind to the little girl and her mum goes "oh no she will not be a hairdresser, she will have a proper job" sad sad people is all I can say!!! Xxx
Ha, love people like that. If people make comments about hair/beauty not being a proper job, I just point to my nice new bmw and let them know that NO it's not on bloody finance, I own it outright because I work hard at my job which IS a proper job and means I can afford a very nice lifestyle thank you very much!! And then I go on to talk about how alot of the girls I went to school with have been back from uni for 3 years and are now working in costa because the degree they did isn't getting them a job! Not a proper job my arse.
I had a lady say to me after going from blonde to brunette "I hope you don't mind me saying but dark hair makes you look old". Not older but old!!! Then recently I was chatting to a client and we-d been talking about my weight loss. She asked about my other half so I showed her a recent pic of us (I think I was up to about 3 1/2 stone off in the pic) & she just went "blimey you were big"!!! Needless to say that dress is going in the next charity bag lol.

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