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i agree all the way this is really confusing. All the colours to get ur head around. It is just crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Thanks Sam! I have had to read this ten times over to take it in ,not to worry and have loads more free time to keep on reading, you never know one day eh! lol.
No honestly your explaination it great.


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oooccchhhh my head hurts.. i think i will have to print it off and read it more slowly..looks like great help !!!!

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I want more....... I'm already begging:o I'd like to be clued up on this custom blending mahlarkie etc this is a fab start, thanks Sam. P.s You looked 'super' cool at EC :wink2:

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i can't wait for the recipes i love trying new things!


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It's great to see articles this this appearing in the beauty industry. I am a colour analyst teacher, and just recently trained as a nail technichian. I know it is so, so important to get your colours right (or wrong if you want to create a clashing, high fashion effect - understanding colour can help you do this).

In the beginning of my course, I give my students tubes of the primaries in watercolour, and get them mixing to make secondaries, tertaries and complimentaries, and then progress to tinting and shading them. I recommend you could try this to help you understand this tutorial better, then you can start practicing with your products.

I agree with the comment that clashing tones will make the enhancements look as if they're growing out in 5 minutes, this is so true, the same goes for the wrong make-up tones, clashing tones will just not look right. A cool skinned person wearing warm make-up will look bland, and a warm-skinned person wearing cool tones will find the cosmetics 'sitting' on the face, looking harsh and tarty (if you're 19, skinny and georgeous you may get off with this, but for anyone else, it looks bad, and the more mature your client is, the worse it looks). It really pays to know this stuff, it can make a real difference to your business.


Baffled, bewildered, erm... confused!! Lol!!
Doesn't take much though, I can be a tad dense at times!! Have had to print it out to get my head round that!! Thanks so much for all your help though, it's very much appreciated. xx

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really understood everything you said, it was put very simple, thanx for thatxx


I learnt this a t art college and still refer to it for complimentary colours and funky schemes that are all the fash now (opposites attract, i.e, red/green, blue/orange)

Lovely to see it again. xxx:hug:



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Thanks for that, just getting me ready for my custom blend course!!

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In the near future I will put up a tutorial specific on recipe's and mixing approaches that I use. Till then, this theory will have to get you started
does anyone know if the tutorials specific on recipes was ever added?