Where do u get ur foil?


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Hi I'm looking to reduce my costs and thought getting foil cheaper would help. At my local distributer it is quite expensive and I have been browsing online at some retailers there. I go through a lot of foil so think it could be a good saving!




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I buy meche but i recall a while ago buying from health and beauty wear 1000m b1gof, dunno if the offers still about but it was a good offer at the time. hths xoxo


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I get mine from Aston and Fincher (don't know if they are in Scotland). around £30 + VAT for 1000m.


I get mine from Aston and Fincher (don't know if they are in Scotland). around £30 + VAT for 1000m.
Try ellisons, capital, Alan Howard I think? And easy foil see which comes out better, I love Aston and fincher but the do tend to be expensive, oh and salon supplies and salons direct, I think that's all I know of lol. All of these are on the Internet hth x


Foil 100mlx250mt PROCARE

i use this one its the only one that fits in my ripping machine =]
be careful of that if you buy a foil dispenser thingy your stuck buyin the same brand =] xx
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oh n you can wash it!!!! lol

my friend works as an adult apprentice, and they make her wash it all the time!!!

personally i think this is going to far and id rather have my apprentice doing something more constructive =] x


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I have the Procare automatic foil dispenser. When I had it on a trial they told me I would need to use the Procare foil otherwise my insurance would be invalid. I thought it would be expensive but it's actually the cheapest I have found. I buy direct from Procare. They have the same foil in my local Capital but it's about £7 more for a 1000m roll in Capital so it's better to buy direct.