Where to start, nails and hair extensions?


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Hello ladies x

Hope you’re well. I’ve recently completed the following courses with certificates:
- Complete Nail Technitian
- Nano and micro ring extensions
- Fusion (keratin) extensions
- Individual, 2D and 3D eyelash extensions and facial (not sure if I want to offer it as don’t feel it’s for me)

I would like to offer hair extensions and nail services. I’ve just moved to Northern Ireland and wanted to give a try to work from home and see how it goes.

I need an advice on how much should I charge please? I don’t have portfolio atm so need to build up one.

Local hairdressers in salon charge £180 for 22” 100g fresh fusion bond set...

Moreover, I just practiced a bit on my friends and mum so am really afraid to do on first seen unknown person, what should I do?

How should I build up confidence?

As well I know that hair extension specialists charge deposit to secure a place and to cover hair cost, however I am sure that people won’t pay me any deposit because I don’t have FB page, portfolio and client base - it’s understandable. How should I avoid not being let down?
If I won’t charge deposit, order hair on my money and client just will cancel appointment? Return or exchange to supplier?

Thanks a lot!
I’m really desperate now

Kind Regards,
Karina xx

P.S. sorry for possible mistakes, am not native English speaker



Hi, first of all you need to get a Facebook page up and running and use friends and family to take some pictures to build your portfolio. In regards to hair you will need to ask for models, you could advertise this on local FB selling sites/marketplace and offer free fitting. At the consultation ask them for the money to cover the cost of the hair that way you're not out of pocket. The hair is a major factor, I'd rather pay someone £500 for hair extensions where the hair looks amazing and lasts well than £200 for cheap crap which matts and sheds. Maybe offer these clients free fitting for their first maintenance appointment too and make them sign a disclaimer saying they know they're a model and recieving free fitting.

For nails make sure you get some nice up close pictures and research the price range in the area, you don't want to be too cheap nor too expensive. Hope this helps and good luck x