Which bag does everyone use when mobile?

Need some help choosing a bag please :) started doing mobile, I have a wax for my waxing stuff, but looking for a bag where everything cnd shellac can be in one :)


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Roo beauty has some great bags and cases, their London range is half price at the mo too. I'm not mobile so can't help with with what actually works tho lol I have their big trolley for storing all
My stuff at home x


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I use 2 zuca bags one for waxing/tinting one for mani/pedi related and a couple of nice cath Kidston bags for life with polish cases in ImageUploadedBySalonGeek1493280191.143877.jpg


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Roo bags are brill and I'm saving for a zuca bag it seems like they're the favourite of everyone I've asked :) I would 100% not recommend a roo CASE though mine was awful, can't fault the bags though x