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Nov 30, 2018
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Hi all,

I currently offer my clients classic lashes, russian volume lashes and lash lifts.
A lot of my clients have been asking me to start doing brows but I’m unsure what treatment/which courses would be best?
I’ve been looking at HD, Henna and just your usual shape up with waxing.

What’s everyone thoughts of what they think works best for clients.
I’m based in Dorset if anyone knows any good courses around this area.

Thank you :)


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Jan 24, 2019
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north staffordshire
Don't underestimate " usual shape up and tint" its always popular with any age group. Costs hardly anything in products too.
When those other more trendy things go out of fashion you will have a good client base by then , so no need to update.
You could do your own market research....giving your clients the costing of the brow treatment and then take it from there see if they want to pay the additional premium.
I am no where near Dorset so I can't advise on eyebrow courses sorry .


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Mar 9, 2014
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I'm a trainer in Mina Henna based in Bath. I think we're the/one of the largest and more established henna company in the Uk with demand increasing all the time. When I trained 18 months ago there were about 5 brands, now there are loads and new brands entering the market seemingly every month.

Henna is an advanced treatment. The trainees that do best with it in their first 6 months are very experienced brow shapers. I thoroughly recommend it, but there's no need to jump straight into henna. Why not train in facial waxing and do a one day tint and eyebrow shape course, shaping brows with wax and tweezers. Give yourself time to absorb these new to you techniques and gain confidence. It's cheaper to train in one do it all course, but it will be a whole new treatment to learn from scratch. Dipping your toe into the water for a modest investment and testing the market is a tried and tested business method.

You can add a simple brow tidy/tint and tidy to your lash infill clients when they come every 2-3 weeks. You probably don't want your LVL clients booking in for a £12-18 pound 10/15 minute treatment so when this becomes a problem, train in henna. It works really well with LVL and I save about 15 minutes combining the treatments.

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