which hair clippers?

Can anyone recommend any hair clippers? at the moment I use some Wahl clippers on my husbands hair but they are 7 years old and don't seem to be cutting as well as they used to, which make is best? ( I'm asking all you pros as I haven't a clue!)
Most clipper brands make clippers for animals aswell as humans, so I'm speaking from expirence with my horse. I prefer Oster or Wahl. Both brands have held up well for me.

I can't speak for human clippers because the only pair that i've expirenced are the pair that came in my student kit and they are Wahls, but the cheapest ones that you can get and they haven't held up as well.

Andis has a pair that (from what i've heard) are really nice. The ones that are all silver.

I guess i'd say the more you spend, the better quality you get.
Good luck!


Curly Hair Geek
Wahl Clippers are good clippers. Yeah some are cheap , cheaply made. These are for those who are not going to be using them every single day several times a day.
A quick buzz on the old husbands head or the kids heads..they work just fine.

Sounds like you need a new blade for it not a whole new clipper!
The blades do wear out and get dull..