Which lashes for classic lashes, mink, cashmere?

There are so so many and i don't want them to look cheap, i want them super black and soft. I know they wont be as soft as the really fine volume lashes, but i dont want them to be like spikes either

X bella x


You can get really high quality plastic lashes. Places call them mink but they aren’t real mink. Some of the nicest lashes I’ve found are eyelash emporium - light and have a great taper to them, look very real and lashbase - a little darker looking that EE and I use these myself.

Go for 0.15 for a more natural look and 0.20 for a darker more dramatic look.

Ok so lash base and eyelash emporium are good in quality then ? I dont like using the word cheap, i just dont want to offer something that isnt good quality. I think the girl that does mine uses lash heaven when from home and ultimate lash in the salon.

Ps: i might be wrong with ultimate lash, but they definitely do thier training with ultimate lash


I’ve never used those brands so I can’t comment on what they are like. Eyelash emporium and lashbase are both high quality. Lashbase had the better customer service for me and all their products are cruelty free and vegan, where eyelash emporium could only say the same about just their lashes and glue when I asked. Obviously, though, those are just my morals and it depends what you’re looking for.

A lot of lash companies offer trial lash packs so maybe get a few of these. Or just order one pack from each company as a tester to chose your favourite.

Ok i will defo try both out thank you x