Which nail colours go with a navy dress?


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Hi everyone! bit of a random question but could do with some advice.

Had 3 ladies in past 2 weeks that were attending weddings and wearing a navy dress, and were stuck on what colour nails to pair with!

I have no idea and suggested either a nude colour or a red with blue undertones. anyone have any suggestions?
these didn't want the french or nude though they wanted a colour!

thank you! x


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I also tried the 'well why don't you match it with your handbag/shoes' but think they were clueless on that and were asking me advice on that too thinking cos im young id know the answer! but i wear all black and grey all the time & have no clue what colours look good together!

I like a fresh petal pink with navy, like a mid/rosey pink with blue undertones =) look lovely and classy.
Gold or silver is also an option if they don't want a plain colour.
Hope this helps!
I think navy is quite similar to black in that a lot of colours go with it but people are too scared to try them. A pinky coral goes really well, as does all shades of blue, red is a bold sailory statement nail, silver and gold go with most things, a strong green is another colour that looks great (despite "blue and green never to be seen..."), purple can give a deep sultry look or a bright purple can give a nice pop of colour. It's just a question of how bold your clients are, safest bet would be silver or gold or believe it or not... Navy!

Hth xx


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Navy and coral is nice. For wedding ideas I google wedding colour schemes. For some reason I can't upload photos But google image navy and corral weddings they have some lovely ideas xx
You could ask them to bring their dress in and hold your colour pops up to the dress to make sure the shades don't clash too, I've done that before, saves them getting home and being disappointed to find the dress isn't the exact colour they imagined it to be xx
I would say Coral. I'm wearing a navy dress to a wedding and have coral shoes and clutch.

Will be doing coral and nude nails I think! Xx


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Silver always looks lovely with any bluue


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brill thank you! will keep these in mind :)

&am i right that more orangey corals suit warm toned and pink ones cool toned?


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I love Navy with a bright pink. In Shellac I would go for Tutti Fruiti xx

I always think peach, coral and silver go nice with navy x
My dress was navy for a vintage wedding at the weekend, and I went for red! (CND Shellac Wildfire) xx
For my wedding the guys have navy suits and my bridesmaid is wearing coral x

Defo coral!!! Xx


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A grey colour is always amazing with navy! I wore grey in match with navy to a wedding and I got so many compliments with it! This will also create a lovely match for any sparkly jewellery that the client will wear with the outfit :) x


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I always think of navy, black and brown as base colours and everything goes with them.

Red, pink, coral, pastels, green, yellow, light blue, purple, to me they all go. Maybe see what else they're wearing, ie bag, shoes or hat as you could match them. Otherwise I'd tell them to go with what they fancy or a colour they feel comfortable wearing - the sky's the limit.



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aww thanks everyone loads of options!! i never would have thought coral but most of you have said that! nice n summery too :)

i always match my lipstick with my nails haha so i guess that could be another option for them!


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Navy is thought of as a neutral in the clothing colour world, along with black, grey and brown. So it would be a wasted opportunity not to use something bright and eye catching to contrast with it. Orange is its contrasting colour, so variations of that will look stunning. I personally love red and also pink with navy.

Most colours go with Navy, get them to take a pic of their shoes/bag & from seeing that you can pick up on colours from those. Their nails can be their accessories!!
I love bright pinks with Navy
I like raspberry pink and gold with navy. :)