Which spray tan machine to use

Hi I have recently completed my spray tan course and I am looking for a good spray tan machine and best lotion to use. I would really appreciate some advice as I am so confused with them all. Been looking at the maximist spraymate and lite but not sure.


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The pro v is a great machine not bulky at all like the maximist

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It really depends on how much you want to spend.

The Wagner TS20 is a very reliable starter machine and you will find that experienced spray tan professionals also like it. Very easy to set up and gives a good spray tan. You can turn the solution flow right down so that you use around 40-60mls of spray tan, and doing several light coats this will give you a fantastic result.

The Tanning Essentials Pro V machine is also great, a bit more expensive as it is a newer model and comes in some fantastic colours. Comes with extra cups which are handy if you are doing lots of different colours. Set up is for the machine and the spray gun but the instructions are good and there is a You Tube video which is excellent.

Let us know if you want any samples of the LA Tan solution.

Wishing you every success with your spray tanning