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Discussion in 'Tanning' started by Naomi31, Jul 16, 2017.

  1. Naomi31
    I'm currently using st tropez as that's who I trained with, but I find it stays tacky for quite a while after spraying. Was looking at Sienna X but don't understand all the percentages?? As st tropez come in light, dark or express! Looking for recommendations. Also looked at skinny tan, and Moroccan tan x
  2. KarlieC

    I use Sienna X and love it!! I use 8% 10% 12%. The higher the percentage the darker the tan, they don't call it light, medium or dark but has info on the bottles on what type of tan it will be. X
  3. New2beauty
    Hiya I'm still trailing brands myself which I've written about on another thread. I still like LA tan (brown range) 10% is light to medium (looks lovely on most skin tones even my niece she has a very pale complexion and lovely blonde/ginger hair) 12% is medium and the 14% is dark. They have golden, brown and cocktail (mix of golden and brown) ranges and do booster drops which can be added to a solution to make it darker.

    They are really helpful so it might be worth getting in touch with them and they will talk you through everything x
  4. Spray tan jane
    I was using white to brown which I loved but that stayed sticky for ages after so I googled popular tans and ended up going with LA. It dries very quickly and every one loves it. I'm now using their fast tan which most people are saying is even better than LA's normal 8 hour tans. Really good value too if you get it off eBay.
  5. LA Tanning
    Want any samples, just check out our website.
  6. Naomi31
    Thanks for replying. So even though they don't call is light, medium and dark, if I wanted those shades, I'd be better off buying the 8% 10% and 12%??
  7. Becca1
    I have used St tropez for over a year now and love it! I trained with sienna X and although it dry's quicker after application I feel like it's so hard to come off it goes really patchy! All of my clients felt the same when I used it, Iv never had any complaints with st tropez!
  8. victoria mitchell
    I use Ferne Beauty and it's defiantly one of the best tans I've used! X
  9. Effi Briest
    Moroccan Tan and Norvell's Venetian are the ones that work best for me
  10. Dannielle35
    Where do you get the norvell from. Iv been wanting to try this one x
  11. AshLovesTanning
    Hands down love morroccan tan. amazing.
  12. Effi Briest
    I get it from Norvelltanning.co.uk and my Rep is called Gemma.
  13. Sunless Sun UK
    So many brands phone few companies get some samples. Personally hypoallergenic and quality ingredients good luck, our best sellers are insanity tan and Laurens Gold
  14. tanforeverbrown
    I trained recently with Sienna and bought their kit and it comes with 8/10/12 % which equate to light/medium/dark and I have tried them all out and they all work beautifully and everyone is super impressed with how natural and streak free the colour is and how good it smells. I've had no complaints about fade or patchiness at all.
  15. tanforeverbrown
    I trained recently with Sienna and love their products and the 8/10/12 just equate to light/medium/dark and all work beautifully. I've had no complaints about uneven fade or patchiness and all clients love how natural it is.

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