Which wand?

I’m sure this has probably been asked before (I have searched the threads and can’t find an answer ‍♀️) but I’m stuck on which brand of wand to buy... the dyson airwrap is out of the question (especially at £450, plus it’s not really a wand right??) I boycotted GHD a while ago as I found their products just weren’t performing like they used to... BUT... I used a friends GHD wand and it is pretty amazing... has anyone tried the Cloud 9? Or are there any others anyone could suggest?


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I've got a cold nine wand, I love it. I've also got diva wands and I like those too x


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I agree, Cloudnine and Diva are both excellent brands.

I won’t buy any Dyson products on principle because of his hypocrisy over Brexit and moving his manufacturing base abroad.


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I have a MUK wand, it's around £80ish from memory and comes with 3 different size/shape heads. 3 different heat settings. It's won a few awards too.

My favourite is the GHD creative wand, I use it everyday on myself & clients x