Which wax and training?

Robin love

So crunch time.... I want to train in intimate waxing.

Kim lawless? Outback organics or waxy?

I think I’m steering towards outbacks??

Would appreciate thoughts

Recently done the Kim Lawless intimate training and its worth every penny!


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Hello! Thanks for the advice on Kim Lawless training. I am wondering once you have done her course which wax do you prefer t use, using her techniques? I am not a waxer but intend to do her course soon, I just want to buy some products before, so when I come back I can practice on friends. I would like a quality wax, but now the question is which one is the best using her techniques, besides her products? I thank you in advance for any advice. xx

I have been using her own brand of wax since and its far better than lycon or anything else ive used.


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Thank you Sarah, I got confused since I heard that Perron Rigot or Wax one was better than Kim's wax.
Thank you again xx