white/grey hair

what colour products and techniech would u use to color a head of white hair which has more grey tones than white to achieve a abse of a 7 possiable 8 ? xx


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what colour products and techniech would u use to color a head of white hair which has more grey tones than white to achieve a abse of a 7 possiable 8 ? xx
Hi , what is your clients base colour (the natural darker bits) that is ?

well its all grey it more of a dark grey n she hasnt had her hair coloured for bou 10years so its all natural but i no when she was younger she was like base 9 maybe 10 but thats just from looking at pictures i usually use goldwell in the nn range that gives really good coverage but have never used it on a full head of grey even though iv been hairdressing for 5 years iv jus never had a client full head of grey


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Hi , if it looks like a dark grey then I would guess her darker natural bits if you look closely would be a bit darker than a 9 or 10 ,

I would say first look at the base colour (not the white hairs) do you think it will need to be lightened or darkend ?

like i said i was looking at pictures so its hard to tell it was jus a rough guess her hair could of been a lot lighter all those years ago idealy i wanted it to go to a base 7/8 with some brown lowlights to break it up n to keep it modern coz my client is not old shes jus grey lol she always comes to me for a cut which is quite up 2 date n modern i think it will be a complete shock for her tbh but shes been thinking bou it for a while n is really excited im going to presoften the hair first what colour products do u use or what u think is the best i really like goldwell but open to new brands i also like rusk the colours are nice but bright colours like the reds ar not as vibarant is goldwell lol but i love the smell of the peroxide its smells like bubble gum xx


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Hi I think if you are unsure about this ladies hair and she has a lot of white in it
I would try and suggest that she does not have an all over colour ,as it may be too severe for her

I would try and talk her into some lowlights and a few highlights where is is darker to even up the colour
people who have a lot of white hair tend to be shocked with an all over colour

If she really wants it then you could go for something like a 7/73 tint with 6%
by wella
and then put a few highlights in it and around the front a bit like Jane Fonda ,
but that is a wella tint I don't use your brand soz,

if the hair is short and all natural its on the roots and straight through all over

yeah shes been thinking abou it for ages like since the begining of the year lol i wouldnt usualy do it as it can be such a dramatic change except in no ses really thought about it and because she hasnt got an older looking face it will really look nice il look into wella then iv never used wella but i dnt mind trying out new colours thanks for ur help x


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Hi you are welcome, I hope it helps , there may be some other colour geeks who use Goldwell and can help you even further ,
or you could phone the Goldwell helpline the number will be on the back of a shade chart or colour instruction pack :hug: minky x