Who has an extractor for spray tanning?


Just thought I would ask the above question! I have a spray tan cubicle, just about to get a spray tan system, but I am wondering if I need any extraction in the treatment room. I have worked with spray tans before but they have always been in their own spray tan booth with extraction.

What is everyone elses view on this.

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Jen Smith

I use an extractor for my spray tanning. I have a 20' square room which I do all my treatments in and the overspray and settlement onto my other kit is negligeble with the extractor. Before I got it I found I was getting a build up on my trollies and work tops.

Portable Filtration Unit (Taken from the Tantrick Website)
With our HVLP system, there should be little or no overspray - So, no foggy rooms for us - thank you!!

However, this is a 'must have' piece of equipment for a salon or mobile therapist particularly for those who still use airbrush systems where overspray is more evident can also be effective in nail bars and salons. This will save hours of washing down walls or floors and will help protect your health by filtering the harmfull elements out.

This is a portable filtration unit that is not only lightweight (12KG), Attractive, Quiet and with Washable Filters ( renew after 500hrs use ) but most importantly . . . .


Capable of cleaning up to 500 cubic feet of air per minute.
Easily unit suitable for mobile spray tanning use or where extraction ventilation is not an option
240 Volt system with Auto cut off protection system


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Personally I think it depeds on the equipment you are using and how much overspray it produces and also whether you will be static in a salon or mobile.

As you will be static, I really do think that the equipment you choose will have a bearing. I used to use airbrush and compressor....loads of overspray...so really I should have had extraction then, even if I was only doing one tan a day....I now use a TC3, minimal overspray....I don't have extraction at the moment as it isn't necessary for the number of tans I am doing per day, but if I was tanning all day, everyday in my tanning room then I would definately opt for extraction.

I would say check with your local council.....I have had to put a mega fan in for my spray tanning. Even though I told them that it wouldn't be the main part of my business and, like Cathie, I have the TC3 so minimal overspray they still insisted I have this huge extractor fan.....good luck I hope your local council is nicer than mine!!!!!:irked: xxx

Peter Pan

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i use a pop up tent and a tc5000, the fumes are awful (for the client) they can hardly breath, think ill be investing in an extractor very soon
Hi Nail FX how much is your extractor?

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Jen Smith



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I have a built in extractor fan withing my spray booth!
I think an extractor fan is essential, for one you dont want to re decorate your salon over a number of years and two you will allways get some overspray no matter what system you use or how good your technique is. Some systems produce more overspray than others



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I use an extractor. I got it from the people who do the Amber mist spray solution. Its great as it dosent take up huge amount of room, and can go in a cupboard when not in use.