Why are hair salons closed on Mondays?

Missy G

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the salon i go to are open...7 DAYS A WEEK... how fab is that and most nights they are open till 9 its great!!!


Since the new year we have started to close on a Monday, we were paying out more in wages than we were making. Mondays closing seems to be a bit of a tradition, people in my area don't seem to go looking for a hair cut on a Monday.

lotus blossom

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we have took the advantage, and opened on a monday for over a yr now,
so now we are the only salon in town who opens 6 days a week
we are fully booked on all days
so it makes sense to stay open for us
the girls just take it in turns to have either a monday or a saturday off

makes sense to me xx


All of the salons I've seen are open 7 days.

we open on a monday, and pinch all the clients who want their hair done, when all other salons are closed lol!!!!
hahaha! Good on you!