Why does my colour fade so quickly?


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This is a really good video from Guy Tang clearly demonstrating how heat tools will quickly fade your colour.
Guy also explains why washing in hot water and hard water will also cause your colour to wash out.

Note: they talk about straighteners set at 450 degrees (Fahrenheit)
For European spec hair tools the equivalent is 230 degrees Centigrade
His recommended temperature is around 320’F or 160 degrees centigrade. I use Cloud 9 straighteners and I have them set to 150 degrees. You really don’t need them any hotter.

If you have clients complaining about their colour fading quickly, particularly blondes going brassy, grab your iPad or phone and show them this video.



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Just what I needed. I did a DIY some months ago and by ash blonde hair looks a kinda orange now especially under sunlight :/


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I'm so shocked that it literally comes out of the hair like that! I knew heat would fade the colour but i thought it would rinse out at the next wash, not come out onto the flat iron :oooooo

Good video to show clients, thanks :)


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Cool water for shampooing and low temps if you have to use a straightening iron


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Personally I wait a while to wash my hair after a color. Since It's not good to wash your hair everyday, I started waiting as long as I could before I washed my hair after a color (I use red) and my color keeps for much longer. I tell my clients to wait also, along with these steps: If you use any heated tool on your hair always use a heat protector first. ie-Redken's Hot Tools is a great heat protector. Also a few others stated in their answers- cool water when washing. A good leave in conditioner with uv protectors in it will also help protect color from Fading fast. I live in Tucson,AZ where it is dry, and hot with 300 + days of sunshine a yr, so my clients not only have to worry about hot tools
fading their color the elements will take a toll on your fresh color too. These steps have helped my clients keep their color looking fresh longer.


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Excellent video to show the clients... Keep it up!


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Is this just oxidative dye?


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You're going to save many of us :D Thank you for sharing this video.