Why does the natural nail curl away from the plastic tip?


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One of my clients has got tips and brisa lite gel on and when her free edge gets longer (about 3/4 mm or so ) it starts to curl away from the tips that i applied. Her natural nails are very thin and paper like :(, so i was just wondering why her free edge would do this?

Can anyone help?

Emily Case

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It's curling, unfortunately. Tip adhesive is water resistant but after a while water can affect it and the natural nail starts to come away.

It happens a lot less if you sculpt, but also make sure that your clients are using their SolarOil twice daily so that the nails don't dehydrate and curl.



I had this on one of my ladies, and asked on here. if I remember rightly some replied that it can be dehydration of the nail (correct me if my memory has failed me lol).
I could only do 3/4 infills then her nails would do that, and I'd have to cut her free edge off and do a new set.



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Lovely thank you ladies.

When she came to me she had hard gel and tips on and it was a nightmare to file down and i left a layer of product on the nail.

She said her nails have always been "thin & crap" and she's been to discount salons in the past, so i was hoping after seeing me for a few months her nails would get better and any damage would grow out but her nails are still thin.

We did originally agree that when i give her a new set next time in 2 weeks we will file the nails right down again but i think i managed to convince her to have a gel overlay (gelish) and structure gel on top in the hope it would be strong enough so she can have her natural nails.


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In the article Izzidoll posted at the end it says:

"Banishing Curlingonywhatever

1:If your client returns to you with Curlingonysuckus, file away any area that is not attached, re-prep and reapply product to separated area.

2:When re-applying, carefully ‘wrap’ edges of the natural nail with the product to ‘clamp’ the nail in place. That way, as the product cures, it doesn’t shrink away from the edge."

1: I'm a bit confused, If the enhancement is ok to be rebalanced but there is a small bit of curling, I would have to remove the entire extension and re-do it, wouldn't I?

2:"Carefully ‘wrap’ edges of the natural nail with the product to ‘clamp’ the nail in place", so does that mean, after i've applied the tip, when i apply my first layer of sculpting gel i also should apply a little to the underside of the extension covering the edges of the natural nail?

Sorry for the question xx :o


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Can anyone answer the post above for me xxxx