Wiggly CND bulbs

I am having a few curing problems at the moment and my CND uv lamp is only a month old. I did a set of opi axxium gel nails yesterday and only the thumb nails were fully cured. I checked the bulbs and they were all lit up so I took all the bulbs out and turned them even though they are almost new and i noticed that the middle bulbs are loose and i can wiggle them up and down and side to side. So my question is can anyone else wiggle their bulbs?
I sold my old lamp and i can't remember if the bulbs fit tight or not. Thanks x

i have a lamp by the edge and i have to click the bulbs in but after a while, while im in the middle of a treatment the lights will flicker and maybe one bulb will go out and i have to jiggle it back in place annoying!!!! but has never effected my curing, this is my second lamp as the first one stopped working all together x

How strange I've had the push my middle bulbs in 3 times this week alone, I wonder if there is possibly faulty bulbs??

I think if this continues i will phone the fingertips Center I'm sure they will do there best to help ;-)

Hey. I gotta lamp in April and kept having trouble with one bulb. It was lose and everytime I put lamp on I had to push bulb in and give it a wiggle to go on. I phoned the fingertips centre and they told me to take it in to have a look. They fixed it for me. They were quite firm with it where I was a bit scared incase i broke it. Never had a problem since.

Thanks guys, i am going to a course at s2 in leeds on tues so i will get them to take a look. I'm just a bit worried that all the clients i've done recently will have problems due to slight undercuring.