Will changes in consumer behaviour affect our businesses?


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There is so much around just now on consumer habits and how these are changing. It got me thinking about how these changing habits could potentially affect the beauty business and how we may need to consider changes to our current business models.

Some of the key ones that struck me are:

Heightened awareness of hygiene and infection control. There has been a loads of good chat and great advice on Salon Geek about these issues and I know loads of people have undertaken online infection control courses to be able to reassure clients. I think this will be a crucial factor going forward in retaining clients. I think we will find ourselves asked questions more and more on how we are keeping staff and clients safe and there will be a need to demonstrate change and be able to respond confidently to queries.

Brand behaviour, this one really got me thinking. We have all seen how badly some brands have been perceived to have behaved such as Wetherspoons etc however analysts are predicting that brand behaviour during lock down will be a key factor in brands maintaining good customer loyalty. I think this applies to the beauty industry too and those who have maintained contact with clients during lockdown and sought to give help and advise clients will get that loyalty from clients when lock down eases.

During lock down people have sought a community spirit and looked to support small local businesses. I think going forward its key that we seek to be part of a community and to support other businesses. Being part of the community is not only great for small business to not feel isolated but its also a great way to market your services.

Take care guys Kim xx