Will I ruin my hair??????


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Hi hair geeks

Ok, I'm a nail geek and not trained in hair at all, but i need your advice.

I have "virgin" hair if that makes sense (eg I've never had a chemical treatment). I have long curly hair, and lately my hairdresser has been straightening it with the GHD's. I'm rubbish at doing it myself and my hairdresser charges £5 to do it which I think is a very reasonable price, but I cant afford to have it done more than once a week at the moment. Every time I wash my hair and the curls come back I'm really sad until I can get it straightened again, and so I'm seriously considering having it chemically straightened. I've been told that an afro carribean hairdressers would be the best place to go for this (I did enquire on this site a while ago and was told about Wella Strate but my hairdresser doesnt do it).

Anyway, I am also changing my hair colour soon. I will be starting with black lowlights, and gradually increasing them so that my hair is black, I prefer to do this than have the shock of going from one colour to another in one go.

My question is: will it damage my hair if I have it straightened and have it dyed aswell? I dont want to because its in fab condition, and I am more keen to have it dyed than straightened and so if it would cause damage I will just stick with the GHD's.

Thanks guys!

I'm not a hair geek so can't really advice apart from saying speak to your hairdresser about it.

All I know is that the salon I work in they use gloss colour so it doesn't damage your hair at all - I believe it's only when bleach is used to lift it can cause damage if used to excess but again, don't quote me on that!!

I would speak to a hairdresser who can look at your hair and tell you what's best xxx

hi there,

I cant advise you on the hair straightening as I dont do that, but as far as the colour is concerned if you are going to have black lowlights I would be very careful , doing it gradually will be better because in the future if you ever decide you want to go lighter it can be very hard to acheive this from black any chemical process will damage your hair to some degree but on your hairdressers advice I'm sure she can recomend the right treatments to help your hair and with regular trims that will help keep it in good condition


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Hi , I do hair straightening with the Wella Strate,
and I would love to do your hair but you are too far from me .

The best type of hair to straighten is virgin hair .
also if you keep it virgin hair, eg; without colour, you should have no problems for future top ups either.

Problems tend to occur when people colour and straighten their hair which means you are having two chemical processes.
I personally would recommend that you have one procedure or the other
this ensures you will keep your hair in the best possible condition

You can always have semis to put some tone in it :hug:

Ps, I think Loreal do a lovely hair relaxing treatment its called Extenso I think ,
I think you can also have colour with it too (afterwards ) as it is not as strong as the Wella Strate
but it will help you manage your hair sooo much easier.

Jeni Giles or another geek that uses Loreal may be able help you a bit more about this type of relaxing treatment ,
I think this is what Jeni Giles uses at her College . x minky

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I agree with minky. You should probably choose one or the other. Chemical straightening is completly altering the bonds in your hair(as a perm would do on straight hair) Anytime you chemically alter you have some degree of damage. Do you ever like to wear your hair curly? If you do that wouldnt be pssible when chem. str8 without curling it. But if you end up getting the strtaightner you can always get a demi permanent color wich is more conditioning for the hair but only lasts 4-6 weeks depending on how often you wash your hair. Whatever you choose to do make sure your stylist really knows what their doing. Hope that helps