Will it make the boat go faster?

Discussion in 'Business' started by Lynne Baker, Oct 25, 2012.

  1. nicole333
    I have been working on regulating myself and plan to do things very differently financially for the new tax year coming over the next week or so.

    I still relapse from time to time, like the other day when I popped into Sally's to pick up some couch roll and ended up with two OPI polishes in my basket and other things that I don't even use!

    I need to work smarter with a business head on, so I may re read this from time to time.
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  2. tjmadmum
    Ooh! Excited for the samples now! Lols! Already decided who to use, just have to save. 😉 Xx
  3. heatherp
    I'm thinking the same Rinn, I'm going to the event and think I will wait to see them there and make a decision then. Don't know what it is when it comes to my business, I go soft in the head. As soon as I found out they were bringing out 23 colours this year, I ordered another salon rack to put them all without even thinking whether I will need them all!!

    I will probably get them all but am trying to have restraint

    I've got alot better with my spending now, in the beginning I had to have everything going but am finally feeling that I offer a great range with a great service and don't need to jump so quickly into things (unless its shellac related!!)

    Thank you for a fab thought provoking thread Lynne

    H xx
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  4. Jigglyb4ll
    I use gellux but I find buying the new colours an unnecessary necessity!!
    My clients live that I always have the new colours out and when I post them I usually get a few new appointments from them.
    I have around 50odd colours (all of them) and I probably regularly use about 15 of them.
    It's a lot of wasted colours but my clients say they love coming to me as I have plenty of choice.
    They often say "ooh I'd love that one...but I'll stick with my normal" but that choice makes them feel they aren't pushed into 1 colour. The extra clients I get from having unused bottles makes it worthwhile lol
    Backwards thinking I know.
    But I try not to let the others get wasted and use unusual colours in nail art or cover with glitter! Lol
  5. Havering Beauty Academy
    We always bought the new colours and then found we did not use some of them, so now they are used as Shellac Colour of the week at a discounted price. It gets rid of those unused colours and then we can evaluate if we would buy the again xx
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  6. Jigglyb4ll
    Ooh fab idea!
  7. FlawlessBeauty
    That is such a brilliant idea, i may have to steal it!

    I'm determined to start the new financial year with a clear, more sensible head and have already been thinking of how to improve on things. The most recent decisions i've made are to have a product and treatment of the month. They most likely won't be discounted, but i will have literature on them in the salon, posted to my facebook and in my monthly emails to give them a push. Your idea slots right in.

    I'm also being a lot more careful with product wastage. I have an awful habit of using too much lash tint. If i need more i can always squeeze a bit more out, but if i use too much there's no getting it back into the tube xx
  8. Havering Beauty Academy
    It works well for us, it fills the little gaps in the salon and gets use out of the product. Also good for those wishing to try the treatment xx
  9. Rinn
    I do this too..I found grapefruit sparkle a great one to liven up some of my less popular colours but trying to use up limeade and iced coral is really the most challenging.
  10. FlawlessBeauty
    Funny, my clients love iced coral. Have you tried layering it? I've found it makes a few pretty colours, or if you run out of hotski, it is very similar layered over blackpool.

    I've been doing a few layered colour pops with limeade tonight and it makes a really nice moss green colour over blackpool. The greens don't go over particularly well with my clients, but are more popular on toes xx
  11. WaxGirl
    I've always thought like this as I just didn't have the money to think any other way & I'm a natural obsessive planner & detailer

    However now I'm at the stage the business is going well & its years down the line....

    it is ever so lovely to occasionally not worry about making the boat go faster & just focus on making her prettier to sail in
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  12. WaxGirl
    fantastic...best idea ive seen in a long time - ill be doing this with gelicure this week
  13. Emilyx
    Love, love, love this thread! x
  14. heatherp
    Hmmmm, so much for restraint, I was online at 9.15am this morning ordering the 4 new shellac colours :eek:

    H xx
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  15. MrsHBeauty
    Eek so was I. All 4 colours, some Dsperse and my first Pro size solar oil! I have worked my way up to buying the bigger bottles of everything, it works out more cost effective but it is such a huge expense initially. Is it sad to be excited about saving 4.5p per ml of solar oil? I don't think so, if I make that saving per ml on Dsperse, Dsolve, Scrub fresh, solar oil, top and base coat that could be 30p per service, then splitting tissue, cotton pads, I could save 50p a set. I am pleased with myself!
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  16. Nat-Nat
    Not one person has had Pretty Poison or Limeade, what is it about them as I find Hotski goes quite well!

    I find if colours arent going then I wear it and everyone wants them! Cityscape never gets chosen unless I have it on!!

    I'm going to layer some greens now with the VIP statues and the sparkle and cross my fingers! x
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  17. heatherp
    I can't get excited about Limeade, my sister had it on her fingers yesterday and I thought she looked almost radioactive !!

    Having said that, I received the new colours this afternoon and I love them and yes they are all different from what we currently have, Water Park is gorgeous much deeper blue. Grape Gum again not at all like the previous purples, Pink Bikini is brighter than any of the previous ones and I'd say I would position Lobster Roll between tropic and wildfire on my rack as it is a sort of orangy red but not pearlised like hollywood.

    Gorgeous, you will not be dissappointed!!

    H xx
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  18. Annemarie
    Haha You know I had that colour on last week and after I'd done my nails I thought:eek: don't know whether I like it or not. I love the colour green but Limeade on me mm not sure. Funny thing was I got so many compliments about it, that it grew on me in the end. I would wear it again now. :biggrin: The most popular colour lately has been cake pop.
  19. heatherp
    See Im not sure on Cake Pop either, I think you need the right skin tone and very good nails. I did that one on my other sister and it almost had a bluey tinge to it but I do love Grapefruit Sparkle and Azure Wish

    H xx
  20. xxx

    Cake pop looks amazing with grapefruit sparkle over the top x

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