Will it make the boat go faster?

Discussion in 'Business' started by Lynne Baker, Oct 25, 2012.

  1. Kate1982
    Just marking this for later.
  2. Zooks
    Brilliant "Will it make the Boat go faster moment"

    Ordering from Sweet Squared on Monday (I had already allowed myself to order all of the new colours BUT I was tempted juSt to make up the order to the £125 mark to get the free delivery just by ordering extra Top Coats and bits I would need down the line.... I stopped. Right now would it make the boat go faster? Just to have it there as a back up to my existing back up? No, no it wouldnt! For the sake of a fiver I saved myself a good chunk for a moment.

    One of my biggest things is ordering in bulk as I will use it down the lie and save myself a small amount but in all honesty do I need another 3 Shellac Topcoats when I have 2 spare or another pack of Kanga files when I have 100 sat there.....not right now!

  3. lores
    A favourite of mine is using cotton wool pleats rather than pads and balls which cost a lot more. Pleats can be cut into squares and used for facials and also rolled into balls for removing polish and general waxing lotion application etc. Save your expensive pads for only specific jobs where fluff would be a problem. I ordered a pleat from Allison's the other day and the girl taking my order said she hadn't sold one for so long she didn't think they still sold them!! X
  4. julie25
    One of my biggest things is ordering in bulk as I will use it down the lie and save myself a small amount but in all honesty do I need another 3 Shellac Topcoats when I have 2 spare or another pack of Kanga files when I have 100 sat there.....not right now!


    This is me, I always stock up on stuff that I know I will use but don't necessarily need at that moment...ill spend an extra £30 to save paying delivery?!?! Xx
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  5. adventuregirl
    Just about blew £70 on glitter, extra top coats (just in case) and other bits and pieces. Asked myself about my boat and closed the window down. Woo!
  6. Lynne Baker
    In just over a fortnight we'll all be giddy with excitement at Pro Beauty, when common sense and rational thinking will all fly out of the window.
    I thought it might be a pertinent time to bump this thread. Think carefully before getting carried away with show offers!
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  7. forevervodka
    "will it make the boat go faster" has become one of my husbands favorite sayings :I
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  8. aayspa Unqualified
    This is so me! Show offers always reel me in. Especially at S2, my mum thought I was a mental woman last year when I just said I wanted one of every offer lol. I did spend over £400 but when I worked out how much it all would have cost if it hadn't been in offer I realised i'd saved £200 so felt pretty pleased with myself lol. Did I NEED it? No of course I didn't. I just got carried away with the excitement. This year as the colours are being released before the show I won't have the need to go to the stand so I've "technically" saved myself £££'s already lol which means I can walk around the show looking at things I really might need to invest in which will make my boat go faster.

    Thanks Lynne x
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  9. JemimaFox
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  10. EmilyExtensions

    Emily :) xx
  11. Lynne Baker
    Time for a bump.
    Before you spend oodles of dosh of sparkly Christmas things, remember to ask yourself the question...
  12. Seraphine
    Lynne, thank you so much for this thread! I'm about to start a new beauty room in a new area, and your ideas have been an inspiration!
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  13. onthelashmobile
    Love this. I definitely need to use it a bit more!
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  14. Nemo
    I have been guilty of buying 20 new colours a month. And whilst my clients love it, they do say I have far too many now and they struggle to choose. Because of this, I am NOT going to the beauty show this month. I always get carried away and spend £1000's that I don't have. I'm being far more disciplined with myself now and put everything in my basket and then slowly take it all out leaving just want I need not want. Excellent thread!
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  15. sandydee
    Since reading this thread months ago this is now my mantra Lynne :D xx

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  16. sarahpoppy24
    I have the "free delivery" problem. Sometimes (especially with my hair orders) I put things for me in the basket to make it to the free delivery. Going to stop this from now on. X
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  17. Zooks
    With anew tax year looming I feel it's time to bump the fantabulous thread.

    I have read and re read this so many times, I need to tighten the purse strings and this has given me a nudge.
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  18. Lynne Baker
    In the same vein, but slightly different.
    Take a look at the treatments you offer, and work out which ones make you little or no profit. Then ditch them.

    I no longer offer spray tanning because I simply won't work for peanuts. Every man and his dog offers them for a tenner, and I won't. I use the time to do more productive things like writing marketing emails for the more profitable treatments, and these DO make my boat go faster.

    Think about it. By the time I've got someone in, consultation, undressed, sprayed, paid and rebooked, we're looking at what, 25, 30 minutes. For a tenner?! Not on your life!
    I can do a facial in an hour for which I charge £60, and I always, always, retail. So, In that one hour I can genuinely take anything up to £400.
    That £10 for a half hour looks rubbish next to that, doesn't it!
  19. dudeymel
    Love this thread! I recently mixed 10 new gel polish colours rather than buying new ones which helped build a buzz amongst my clients but also used up some shelf sitters, I've also just ordered a card reader which i am sure will increase business as I can up sell now without clients saying they haven't brung enough money and finally I've bought myself a tassimo coffee maker, on sale for £99 to £35 as several people commented that they liked coming to me for a coffee and a relax and the more relaxed they are they more they will spend! Xx

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  20. ch-ela
    Fabulous thread!
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