Will it make the boat go faster?

Discussion in 'Business' started by Lynne Baker, Oct 25, 2012.

  1. beckylashes
    I can't help but buy things all the time And I think will it make the boat go faster and feel guilty! How does everyone keep good stock control on what they have when you have a lot of staff I find it really hard and over buy all the time! xxx
  2. squidgernetball
    We have ovatu as our booking system and have all our stock listed. When we sell something it gets deducted. We occasionally have a mishap but it's been brilliant. For salon use products, we keep everything in certain places, so wax, strips etc all together, tissues all together and so on so it's easy to see if you're running low. We occasionally keep bits in our rooms but it's fairly straightforward.

    The other thing that we have is 'One note' on all our ipads, main computer and I even have it on my phone. We add to this what's needed, so there's a section for ellisons for wax etc, one for environ, one for HD brows and so on. It's been fab as you can be in a treatment and add to the list - you can be in the car and add to the list. And if you pass the wholesalers, you have the list!

    I have a lot of things that don't make the boat go faster but they make the trip a lot more fun x
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  3. surf girl
    Omg I bet it took forever to input all your stock into the system! I've got 3 shampoos listed so far, really wanted to do colour tubes but jeeze there's so many!
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  4. squidgernetball
    We only list retail. We're on about 260 products. How to fill those quiet days lol x
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  5. surf girl
    I wrote all mine down on paper today I'll do that tommorow now on my day off, I think I need an iPad after all the web version is quite hard to use on kindle compared to the app
  6. squidgernetball
    An ipad with ovatu has been life changing ;)
  7. laurakate
    My vice is training. I kept asking myself if doing level 3 makeup qualifications will make the boat go faster and my answer was one of that I don't know because I can't see into the future and don't have a crystal ball.

    After years of casual pondering and more recent months of intense mulling it over, I decided to go for it because not doing it felt like a massive itch that wouldn't go away so in this regard I've decided to do it for my own sanity even though I should perhaps hold onto my money a bit more at the moment. The way I see it is that once it's done I'll be able to go out and use the skills or at least have that option. The aim is to eliminate the moan in my head of not having done level 3 makeup before, especially seeing that my body is all massaged out and I wouldn't be able to teach level 3 nails in a college due to being allergic to anything that is not cnd.

    So will it make the boat go faster?....I hope so but I've had to take a bit of a risk in finding that out! Fingers crossed!
  8. Beckychap
    I love this thread every time I am going to buy now I will think will it make the boat go faster x
  9. JenHug
    For a newbie like me this is a really good thread, it's so easy to get carried away with it all!
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  10. Vikasgupta112
    Great post dear i really appreciate with you.
  11. Angelaznailz
    No, but I reuse any clean & crushed couch roll on my nail desk & for spray tanning.
  12. nixnewcastle
    I still to this day love this post Lynne x
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  13. linzi
    I love this thread; it really does make you think about whether you need something or not... for most things.

    Unfortunately, if it sparkles, it will be mine regardless :eek:
  14. CollinsonMiss
    Great post Lynne, particularly as we go into the new year. I so easily get caught up in needing the new trend for the salon or buying 5000 flyers because it works out cheaper, only to find that I end up throwing 3500 away because they are out of date before I can use them. Will definitely use the "will it make the boat go faster" in the coming year.
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  15. Selvan
    When I was training for lash lift I needed to do patch test beforehand so I had to order it from their website. I needed to add more stuff to the order to get it delivered. I didn't need lash extensions or anything like that so I ended up ordering magnifying glassses. I don't think I will ever use them. It would be similar price wise to get lash lift somewhere where they use the same brand as on the course and I would benefit by experiencing having the treatment done by someone qualified. Well... I didn't think clearly then.

    At least my stupidity teached me something.
    Now I keep list on my phone and whenever I feel like I need something new I write it down and I analyse If I really need it and what is the most cost effective way to get it. After all storage is expensive as well.

    There are so many products on the market. Every season something new comes out. I think nail products are the worst. There are so many colours, so many collections. It is really hard to resist all of that. Gellish has so many reds that look almost the same. It is bizarre but I have been to salons when you cannot decide what you want because there are so many swatches on the wheel. No one needs 20 almost black shades with a hint of purple or green in them.
  16. LillyGoose
    I read this the day you put it up. I've spent ages going through all the comments tonight. Very motivating
  17. linzi
    I had over £350 of new stuff in my basket because, well, it was new.

    But, much as I love all my glitters, stamping, chromes and everything else, I could could on my fingers the amount of clients who have had chrome. So it won't make my boat go faster. But they are pretty! I really want them...
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  18. JanVenus
    This has been an interesting thread to read through, combined with other topics it's really made me think about what I want to buy and what training I want to complete. Thanks Geeks!
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  19. Beckychap
    Think I need to read this every day every time I go to the wholesalers I get sucked in and end up buying all sorts went for topcoat today end up spending over £300 because they had gelish sale xx
  20. Persephannie
    Thank you for this thread. I was thinking about a really good bit for my efile but was reluctantto spend the $50 that it costs. Well, I timed my last couple of sets/fills and it turns out it takes me on hour to remove gel polish off of enhancements! Will a bit that drasticly reduces my prep time make the boat go faster? YES!!

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