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Mar 2, 2012
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Hi Geeks,
Can anyone please help me?
I'm on (very short) Maternity leave, due to do a clients nails on Monday before her hols on Tuesday.
The baby so far is 9 days late and I've just been informed that I'll be induced on Sunday.
I've spoken to my client and we have agreed that she will need to probably book in with someone else. She is one of my longest standing clients and I don't want it to get to Sunday and then not be able to get an appointment anywhere due to it being bank holiday.
Please, if anyone can fit her in for a natural nail overlay backfill, 1 repair either tip or sculpted and a paint at any point between now and Monday I'd be really grateful.
Please if anyone can help just pm me. She lives in Bebington but drives so that's not a problem. She normally has a warm pink opaque overlay but would be more than happy with clear etc.
Thanks folks
Alex xx

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