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Aug 21, 2021
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A bit long winded but I have been working within a salon on a % basis (yes when I first started my trolly , brushes and dryer was provided and some shampoo and Conditioner but this hasn't been continued as iv just been buying my own hair clips ect and extension kit supplies as and when I need them ) I work my own page and do all my own post and boon 90% of my clients in the only time they are booked in via anyone else is if they message the salon page direct , I trusted the own when she told me that working on a percentage is classed as employed and the the 30/70 % would be 30 me and 70 her but am now being told via a few people that this is wrong and I should have been getting the higher percentage , I was expected to work set hours and run my page and also open up and close alot . I would just like some professional advice as I feel like she has taken alot of money over 2 years that she shouldn't have.

Carrying on from above when that 30% is worked out on alot of the services I offer it is less than minimum wage , i wasn't paid when off ect which is how being employed works am now told and was told when I could and couldn't have time off I feel like iv been very nieve because I trusted this person , iv now left and have been logged out of my hair page which all the pictures on there are solely my work and been told that it's not my account its the salons as I was employed (no employment contract either) and going forward I should direct and message I get from client via any personal pages back to the salon as their salon client , as far as am concerned their my clients who come to me for my services time and time again because of MY work .


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Aug 11, 2011
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Sounds like a typical sham employment situation. However, phone ACAS on Monday for further advice. You’ll find the number is in the thread below. If HMRC agree, they can fine the salon and work out what monies you’re owed and make them repay you. They’re keen to target scam employers in our industry so don’t be afraid to call them.

Also, regarding the client data, you could report the salon to the Information Commissioner’s Office who are responsible for dealing with Data Protection breaches. Again the salon can be fined if it’s found they’ve broken the law.

Salon owners who deliberately flout the law and treat their self employed staff as employees without paying them properly need reporting and closing down!

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