Working without qualifications

Hello everyone

I apologise iF this sounds like a stupid question. But I am trained in gel extensions and possibly may want to offer acrylics. I know how to do them but don’t have a certificate to show it?

Do I need a certificate before I can start doing it? I have insurance that covers “nail tech” I’ve not fully checked but if it’s covers it can I do it?

Same with lash extensions ... I’m trained and qualified in them but would like to offer lash lift?

Just want to double check before spending more money in training and whether other therepaist to that too.


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The best people to talk to this about is the ones that have given you insurance as every company differs . As rule of thumb though you need a certificate for each system or technique that you use so no if you only have a certificate in gel that will not cover L & P . Same with lashes I would have thought but as I said speak to your insurance company as they are the only ones that can tell you for sure . If they say that's fine then make sure you get that IN WRITING as insurance companies are notorious for doing anything they can to get out of paying


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You definitely wouldn't be covered under your insurance for acrylic nail services or lash Lifting if you haven't got a recognised qualification or been trained in those treatments.

Even though your insurance will probably state that both those treatments are covered under your policy, read the small print carefully because it will state that you have to actually be qualified in every treatment to be entitled to that cover. But once you've done the training you should automatically be covered for any of the treatments mentioned in your policy without having to inform them.


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I was the opposite I trained in acrylics but i had to do a gel conversion course it was only a dau course no big deal


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I don't want to sound rude, but why wouldn't you want to go on a training course?

I always learn something when I train. I've trained in several gel systems, 2 lash lifting systems, 2 lash extensions brands. It's never a waste of time and money if you pick a good course provider.

I'm also a trainer in brows shaping, brow mapping and henna tinting. I've just researched a henna tint which is sold without training because one of my students is sharing a room with a therapist who's taken on henna brows without investing in course training. I've told her that no matter how confident this therapist is that she can do good work, she won't understand how to troubleshoot issues, so she'll have problems with her product.

To answer your question. No qualification = no insurance