Worrying. No win/no fee compensation against beauty salons


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I have noticed this sponsored google ad a few times now.

This lawyer is specialising in no win/no fee compensation specifically against beauty salons.

I would urge everyone to ensure they are adequately insured, and are patch testing and following all guidelines.

I'm sure every one of knows the type of client who would just LOVE to take advantage of this type of easy money.
Lawyer Suing For Injury & Disfigurement From Beauty Treatments

Wow and patch tests should be carried out 2 weeks before a treatment!!!!

I think No win/no fee companies are the ones reaping record profits. The compensation culture makes me sick. Anyway I must go, I just got a papercut - I'm off to sue staples.

Wow and patch tests should be carried out 2 weeks before a treatment!!!!

I think No win/no fee companies are the ones reaping record profits. The compensation culture makes me sick. Anyway I must go, I just got a papercut - I'm off to sue staples.
Lol love it, I slipped on the laminate the other day, am off to sue homebase. And underdog advert just came on xoxo

My understanding is that the insurance companies are starting to push back against this sort of thing. Namely by involving themselves in cases they wouldn't have previously got involved with/ getting involved at a much earlier stage.

Really the legislation needs looking at; so it is better balanced in it's aim of supporting people who can't afford the legal costs upfront whilst minimising ambulance chasers.


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Just by putting that you need a patch test two weeks before gives me the impression they haven't done their homework, my insurance is 48 hours, two weeks!!! very unlikely but hormones, medication or other circumstances could have changed!!

These companies and unfortunately a lot of solicitors act like money grabbing conmen within the law and I'm not just talking about compensations claims either - I hate them!!!

The new injury lawyers ad has been on, the woman reading the number tripped on the steps and they say everyone has accidents even us!
It's called tripping on a step, that's HER fault the stupid bint!

Adverts like that are making out your own accidents caused by not taking notice can be blamed on someone else, a few years back and she would have laughed it off for tripping over her own feet and sued if some building site had left the hand break off a bulldozer and it knocked her over.
We're a strange people now xoxo

Absolutely disgraceful but welcome to the U.S.A oooops i mean U.K!

We have taken the step of patch testing every client every time for hair & beauty, despite disclaimers, protocols etc the piece of paper inside the tint boxes states patch test 48 hours every time! Insurance companies state you must follow manufacturers guidelines!

This will get everyone talking lol ;)

I got sued by one of these although if you do dermal roller, permanent make up, electrolysis it comes under medical malpractice and you legal aid types get it, seriously i know what im talking about, through bitter experience. Don't think it has to be a major problem for them to pay legal aid money, it's not ask any lawyer, this is how I got shafted. Be firm with client and say no if you need to, you have to protect yourself first. No long term damage was done in my case it was just she had it removed by someone else and it left it was that, that caused the scaring ( according to her medical report). Lesson learned and I take no s@@t now.


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Well firstly, even though I havent finished reading it yet, that website is a load of bull**** pardon the expression but it is!! here's some quotes:

"It is also important that the beauty therapist removes the eyebrow hair in the direction of the growth. When hair is removed in the opposite direction greater stress will be placed on the skin, and ingrown hairs will commonly result"

"Salons must ensure that they maintain a hygienic premises, with all equipment properly sterilised, and never re-use waxing products"

Not to mention many other errors I've seen on there. For solicitors they're not so muh with the accuracy are they??!

I hate the ambulance chasing culture and these types of scavengers should be outlawed... BUT........

Read some of the case studies on their website. Some of the injuries they claim to have represented should damn well have been compensated. Spilling wax on someone is nigh on impossible if you have two braincells to rub together, how the hell do you spill your wax pot? But on top of that for your wax to be so hot it blisters the client? Outright negligence in my opinion and if that was me I'd want compensating too. Another case study (which made me cross my legs and say oww!!) The lady whose labia was ripped in 2 after a hollywood wax where the therapist didnt stretch the skin and it tore (also reads very much like she was using strip wax in the intimate area too). Again, this sort of thing is downright negligence and I'd want compensation for it.

The only worry for me (which I'm checking with my insurers on tomorrow) is this whole patch testing business. I dont patch test anyone for wax or nailsl, perhaps I should be doing?

Other than that I'm not too worried. If you are being damn well incompetent, you deserve to get sued. If someone tries to sue you for something and nothing, or something that wasnt your fault then I would say dont sweat too much over it, just because someone threatens to sue you doesnt mean they will succeed.


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It is a worrying trend now but it makes us professionals up our game

Do thorough indepth consultations
Ask on the form if they have made a previous claim
Ask if anything has changed since their last appt
Always patch test on a regular basis
Get your client to sign after treatments
Give them aftercare advice to take home
Check the requirements of your insurance company

Please add on if you can think of more


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I always patch test where appropriate and follow all guidelines set out by my insurers.

But what worries me is the stories of insurers making offers in respect of the most ridiculous claims as they think this is more cost effective than fighting the case.

If I had a client who was chancing their arm and made a ridiculous claim, I would be FURIOUS if my insurer paid out automatically without contesting.

I have heard that these solicitors are now doing aggresive cold calling and sending automated texts asking "have you recently had a beauty treatment without a patch test? You may be entitled to compensation" Makes my blood boil. :mad:

It does not matter about you contesting, if it is cheaper than going to court insurance companies will settled out of court, it's a business and they to do what is best for them. This is what happened to me too, but your premiums do not go up as a consequence as nothing has been proven, honestly it's the legal aid ones I would watch out for, they need the money the most.

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It is sad that there are ambulance chasing lawyers around who prey on other people's misfortunes. However, this just shows how important it is to have insurance cover in place and access to advice from industry experts at the Guild. It is also important that you understand the conditions of your insurance policy and are adhering to any warranties in your policy wording e.g. patch test requirements prior to carrying out a lash or brow tint on a client who comes to the salon for the first time.

A warranty is something you must adhere to for your insurance cover to be in place. Full details of Guild membership insurance can be found on www.beautyguild.com or call our membership team on 0845 217 7383 who will be happy to discuss your individual requirements.

I think it's best to go over and above what's expected from your insurer, iv no idea what my insurance says on patch testing, and to be fair there's no point, new clients get 2 patch tests done one a week before and one 48 hours before, existing clients (unless it's been over a year) get their patch test 48 hours before.
I have silly allergies that I dot know what triggers, the happen when asleep, in te garden when on holiday etc... Always a big rash up my arm, and to make sure that my clients are completely ok with the products use I mix the test with peroxide so I can see if any ingredients in that causes them any problems.

It's safer to do this as if a client tried to sue me courts would see that I'm going ott on my testing and am obviously not to blame xoxo