Worst nail clients

Hi ladies, just want to know about your worst nail clients and how you deal/ dealt with them. were they rude, or complained.

And some of your biggest pet peeves ( mine is when they use there phone during a treatment or book in for a gel polish without letting me know they also need a gel polish removal).

I’m trained in beauty level 2/3 but just started out doing nails full time self employed, holing your stories will give me an insight to the world of nails.

House Beauty

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Yes, removal really does irritate me!! Even when it’s regular nail polish but it’s glitter. Like you want to mention that you need 30mins to get that crap off? I don’t got time for this! Thankfully when it usually happens they have a pedi booked aswell so I can do that while i’m removing.

The ones that haven’t ever realized you should wash your feet if they are dirty.. (wtf?!)..the ones that don’t brush their teeth.

I’m more offended by lack of hygiene than anything. It’s amazing how so many of those that get their nails done don’t know how to wash..so I find it really hard to understand if you don’t want to wash why you would be interested in nails..it’s not like it for other treatments.... it’s like a manicure or pedicure is a personalised carer for bedbath.

I only really had one really rude nail client. Had been a few times and then the last time I saw her (I wonder why!), she kept asking for a late appointment. I explained that I finish at 8, I don’t start working on a client at 8. That I start work at 9:45-10:30 everyday and if she wants 3hours of treatments she will need to have them separate days

She really got the arse and yelled at me and said well i’m paying you so you will work when the hell I want!! I said well, I’d be happy to change the rules for you but after a 10hour day, out of hours my rate is £100 per half hour, plus treatment prices, so for your pedi, mani, gels and massage that’s £584. When would you like to pencil you in?

Funnily enough she cancelled it (why I used imaginary pencil!! HAHAHAHAHA.

I just blocked her, I can’t be doing with being spoken to like that.