You can really learn from Youtube


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Lol! My friend sent me this link last night. Her reaction is priceless:lol:

Just seen it, her hair was already in horrendous condition. And personally I think it was fake xoxo


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That was hilarious! Her face was so funny! X


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I cant stop laughing at her! She was like "Yeah use this Tresseme and it will educe split ends by up to 80% after three uses" Then when she burnt her hair off I was thinking oh well you better start using that now love. Haha!
haha serves her right for using that c**p :lol::lol:
Oh hahaha that is too funny, the look of confusion on her face as she kept looking at the hair, the non hair and the mirror hehe!! Good video x

Oh I wanted to put this on lol ... You beat me too it.
I couldn't help but laugh watching this, silly girl xx


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Oh you guys are mean. I feel a bit bad for her. Id have been hysterical.
I certainly wouldn't have put it on YouTube!

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hahaha, her face! the parody was even funnier, literally tongue in cheek lol xxx


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This is soooo funny I can't help but keep laughing at this. Poor girl x
I saw this earlier, poor girl but had me laughing out loud!!! Xx

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Looks like a tape extension to me....... Still funny though! ;-)
It's been on Facebook all day and i have not watched it and then it's on here ... I watched it and cannot believe it was still posted bless her
( I did giggle at the look on her face though ;-) ) xx

If this is real why on EARTH would she actually put it online?!!!


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If this is real why on EARTH would she actually put it online?!!!
Some people just want to be famous and get their faces out there - well she succeeded there! :lol:
I can't see it :(


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I think its been pulled, if you watch the paridy it's pretty much the same, lolz

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