Young Nails gel French help


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Hi.i am practicing sculptured nail using young nails snow, but somehow by the time i finished my nail,my white is a dingy color.any suggestion.i am using the build and finish on top of the white,basically the trial kit.thank you.


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Hi Kiwi, not sure how this is happening. Can you explain your application to me and I'll see if I can help? :wink2:


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Hi :) i start of by giving a basic manicure.then i feel i do what the directions tell me...i use the protien bond,apply my build on my nail form,then base all over,apply the snow and then builder gel all over.i file,both with my e drill and also hand file and buff.then i apply my finish gel.could it be my build gel is too thick on top the snow or should i not be using the build gel,but something else?


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try just applying base to the nail plate only ( not over the build you have created on the form)
then snow on free edge and then your build all over etc
see how that goes

by the way
i apply the base first, then put the form on, then extend the free edge .


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i will try that. ty :)