Young Nails Protein Bond


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Hello geeks,

I have a very hard time getting my hands on Young Nails Protein Bond, since I'm from Slovenia and we don't have a distributor here. Do you know any sites that ship to Europe without enormous shipping costs?

I tried contacting the distributor in the UK but they won't ship it to me.

Thanks x


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Have you tried contacting the Italian distributor, perhaps they can send it to you, as they might be the closest? :) I was in the same boat as you, as I live in Norway and we don't have a distributor here and I couldn't get it shipped here. My closest distributor is in Sweden, so I had them send the protein bond to a post office near the Swedish border and I drove there to pick it up since I luckily don't live too far from the border. Not every post office have these arrangements available though, but it's worth having a look. Good luck!