Young Nails SlickPour


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anyone tried this?



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There would be no possible way to build an apex on the nail. The one he demo'd was short. The ones in the pic at the end of the video are badly photoshopped. I wouldn't even consider this a professional product because where is there any skill involved?


I didn't get the impression it's for creating length on nails (i.e. as an alternative to tips or sculpting) but rather it is an overlay on natural nails to give strength. So it's the same as a 'dip' system (as in 'tip and dip' but without the 'tip'!).
But it seems like a rather complicated way of creating strength & colour at the same time, so many steps! Surely it's much easier just to do a simple overlay with either hard gel or L&P and then use either gel polish or normal polish on top?
Unless I am missing a major point here?!!!
Just my thoughts...
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Not really loving the look of this tbh.... If it's not for lengthening then surely it's still quicker to apply gel polish (I use shellac so Brisa lite & shellac) - this would still be quicker than this process imo??!!

Also the finish doesn't look great ? :/ X


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It looks like a right faff! Much quicker to pop a soak off gel under gel polish imo!

Are you meant to polish it too? If not you would presumably have to buy loads of different coloured powders... And how would you do a French?

Faff & fad!!xx


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I am going to school for cosmetology and graduate in a few weeks. We just had young nails come in today as a guest speaker to show us nails. Slickpour is not ment to add length to the nail. It is acrylic yes. You remove it the same way as you would with acrylic using a tip. I was also one of the demos she did to day and the finished look turned out amazing and I have short nails. It is a fast and amazing process that only takes about five steps



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Love a bit of Mr Salo and his videos but this product just screamed fad to me. In fact, before I knew what position he held in Youngs, I thought he looked a little embarrassed to be demoing it.