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May 14, 2021
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I wrote an article a few weeks back for a Salon Blog and I thought I would share some of the research points. I collected research data from both Canta Covid research in the UK and Colmar Brunton in NZ.

Research has found that pandemic has changed the way consumer behave. Research by Cantar Covid 19 Barometer has found out 100,000 People surveyed that an alarming number of people are no longer using loyalty as the major part in their buying decision. Financial pressure caused by the pandemic has meant that the client that has been loyal to a brand or service is no longer putting the loyalty first.

There has been a 74% increase in online shop searches according to Google in searches online since 2020-21 and the increasing search for a Salon near me has increased also. Home remedies for skin care have increased as well as how t make an avocado facemask.

Fear of getting sick is a driver for decisions and people are looking at 3 touchpoints. Website, Facebook, Instagram. They look and the professionalism and the look and feel of a Salon. Does the Salon look professional? If it looks professional there for it provides a professional service and environment. It will be clean, it will follow covid protocols, I wont get sick

This leads me to the point that Social Media is your new storefront. It is the first part of a buying decision. It is the fist impression that people are getting.

The fact that clients are less loyal and shopping around for better deals means that your online presence is now more important than ever. You have the opportunity to attract your competitor's clients you also have the opportunity for your current clients to feel proud that they are a client of yours.

After the reopening rush and mass's of haircuts and facials, how have you found the market? Please leave a comment
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