Your little foibles?


I have a weird eating ritual, I have to sniff certain items before I eat them. If I'm going to have a bowl of cereal the bowl and spoon have to be scrupulously clean and I smell the milk in the bottle before pouring it on. I just avoid cereal these days because my own behaviour weirds me out lol!


I also get dressed in a certain order, if I don't, I feel fuzzy and uneasy all day.

Underwear (including socks) trousers/leggings, then t-shirt/vest

80's Girl

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Whenever I see someone with summer shoes I always count their toes. I don't know why I do this - I've nothing against people who don't have ten toes! :)


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At night I have to brush my teeth, then floss them,brush them again, then mouth wash. I can't go to bed with rank teeth. I also go round checking the house for plugs and doors/windows locked before bed, then I have my window open to let air in when I'm asleep. I can't sleep in a stuffy room. I would rather put extra blankets on than not have it open x


I have to brush my teeth when I get out the shower, then get dressed I then brush my teeth again. I always have to brush them before I got to work or meet friends.
Whenever I go to bed I have to brush my hair before I get in even if I get out of bed for some reason I have to do it before I get in, same with Vaseline on my lips.
I also have to have some form of cover on me to sleep even if it's boiling.

Dream Nails

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Alarms I have to check twice before switching the light off, even if I checked it when I first got into bed
Mani & Pedi need to go pinkie to thumb left to right (as I look at them)
Left contact lens first
Vicki x


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I never brush my hair...I don't even own a hairbrush . One of the joys of cropped hair. Finger dry it IF I bother to use the hair dryer .
I hate my hair to be too 'set' looking, messy finish thank you.