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Mar 30, 2004
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Portsmouth, Hampshire

I'm still training to be a nail tech at college using creative l&p. I'm just wondering i've seen people on about the 3 zones, at college we are being taught to do it in one using one bead.

Which is better 1 bead or 3?

Any advice will be very helpful.
At the Creative Nail Academies, we teach in 3 zones, Zone 1 using Perfect White for your smile :biggrin: Zone 2 in Perfect Pink for the stress area and zone 3 in Perfect Pink ALSO, keeping away from soft tissue (skin) and leaving a slight margin so that you can bevel the product in zone 3 flush to the natural nail - no noticable re-balance lines later on!!!

I don't know which college you are at but it sounds like the tutor can't do smiles (she can come on and slap me if I am wrong) - but it is really hard to create beauty, balance and structure from 1 bead - also near damn impossible to get a white smile too if you are only using Pink OR Clear!!!:rolleyes: HTH's!!
Thank you big help
Hi ya Hun,
OK in simple terms
Zone 1. is the free edge zone, where you french tip is
Zone 2. is the apex zone
Zone 3. is the near the cuticle area, this zone brings zone 2 and 3 flush to the nail only need a tiny bead for this....
Sammie said:
Thank you big help
Hope I don't get slapped - bet I'm right though :eek: :)
You guys make it all sound so simple, hopefully I will talk like this eventually! I do my creative course foundation course in May!!!!

x x x x
Hi Daisy,

have to say i know what you are going through. I too used to get confused with the zones. I hated doing the three at first but it is easier when doing the pink and white. I tried doing it with one bead if using clear or just pink and found the tip wouldn't be as strong and you don't get the nice 'c' curve and shape doing just one bead. keep at it, althopugh it's harder, it looks better, is stronger and at least you will become better doing it that way...... i think so anyway.:D:D
Hello everyone!

Just finished the 4 day foundation course. I have to say I had the most problems with Zone 3. Did many of you have that problem when you first started and was it long before you overcome it?


Zone 3 is easy to do if you give yourself room to maneuver.

Make sure zone 2 bead does not cover more than 1/2 of the pink part of the nailplate. Then place the zone 3 bead onto the edge of zone 2 and push back to the eponychium with small nudges and presses. Placing the bead there instead of in the gap gives you control and this keeps theproduct away from the soft tissue.
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