Diamond Head vs Crystal Microdermabrasion

Discussion in 'Skin' started by JenBarnard, Feb 7, 2010.

  1. JenBarnard
    Hey guys,
    I've used the crystal microdermabrasion machines for several years now but have started up a home business in my spare time and am looking at purchasing a diamond head microdermabrasion machine. But when I was taught micro's I was told diamond head was something you used on top of a normal crystal based micro to give a stronger exfoliation. Because I doubt I'd be doing many micro's, though if anything I'd get my values worth from just doing myself and family, I'm just concerned about how strong they really are. And most of them are made in Taiwan or Korea and I just worry how good they are. So if any of you have used them or know anything about them can you send me some feedback? Thanks x
  2. Rockateer
    id beinterested to see what people say to this ...
  3. Bombalurina
    Hi ladies, I work for an equipment manufacturer, and we make both crystal and diamond MDA units in the UK.
    If you would like futher info PM me and I'll tell you all I know!
  4. Helen Geerie
    Hi there, i've got a fantastic article from my training manual which explains exactly the difference, i cant type it all in on this reply but i could send you a document if you would like?

  5. JenBarnard
    I would love that Helen! You're a super star!
  6. Helen Geerie
    Hi all

    If you would like the excert from my training manual then if you message me with your email address its just i dont know how to attach a file via this site.

  7. elements_aus
    I spent a lot of time reserching the same thing and decided on a diamond head. They are cheaper (check ebay for the ones from China) and they dont leave grit everywhere for your clients to find in their mouth or eyes later. I had a crystal machine years ago but sold it. I love my diamond machine.
  8. angie32
    elements-aus...Do you use a machine from China? I have seen some on ebay and they are much cheaper than the others. I have always been worried about buying machines from China for some reason so have held off buying.
  9. elements_aus
    Yup. SegWA. You will save thousands and you can always upgrade once you see if there is demand for it.
  10. Bombalurina

    Please please PLEASE make sure if you're buying anything from China that it's not medical grade equipment!!!! Medical grade MDA is incredibly harsh, and you won't be insured to use it here unless you have a medical background. I have been on the receiving end of one of these machines and my skin was marked for around 2 weeks afterwards, not to mention the agony I was in during the treatment. Also, with the diamond heads you can get them in a wide variety of grits, make sure the grit you're using is fairly fine, not too harsh....lastly check the rotation speed when you get the unit, spinning the head too fast on the skin will give you a high chance of causing a friction burn on the skin.

    Units made in the UK will most likely not give you any of these problems, but coming from China, I would be extra careful to check what you're buying.
  11. Lynne Baker
  12. JenBarnard
    Surely with the Chinese made machines they wont be made too harsh? I mean, Asian skin is the first to hyperpigment or scar..
  13. lisasands

    I think Diamonds are a lot better than crystal methods. You can use it on all skin types, around the delicate eye areas and you have no consumables. Its a lot less abrasive aswell. I saw an advert in Habia for a naturalaser Diamond Peel system and I have never looked back. Its been fab xx
  14. rocketqueen
    I work for a dermatologist and we have both the diamond and crystal machines in our cosmetic clinic. All the technicians that perform micros tend to prefer the crystal machine, as well as the majority of our patients. Most of our patients prefer the feeling of the crystals on their skin as opposed to the diamond tip, and typically really enjoy the feeling of the crystals. It does not seem to be too abrasive. The only real problem is that it is obviously more messy than the diamond tip, but most patients enjoy the treatment so much than having some crystals on their clothes doesnt really bother them. We just ensure that we are careful to not get crystals in their mouth or anything lol.
  15. daisyl
    You are right in so far as medical microdermabrasion machines are different - far more effective (you do need to be medically qualified). However, the treatment outcome is not down to the machine but down to the professional using it! You should certainly not be leaving a treatment with 'marks' on your skin or 'friction burns' whatever the type of machine. Sounds like you have a really bad experience with an inexperienced technician.

    It is like saying how long is a piece of string - diamond tips have their pros and cons as do crystals, but it really is about the make of machine you buy. Some are quite useless and no more effective than manually exfoliating with product from boots or superdrug! So don't be too drawn in by the 'type' of machine.
  16. beautychick3010
    I've got the Diamond wand attachment and use it on some clients faces.
    its great for pedicures etc but I prefer my crystal microd.
    Depends on what machine you have honey.

    Every clients different so its good to have everything to offer them

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