Difference between Bond Aid & PH Bond

Discussion in 'Nail' started by ChelleConnor, May 24, 2012.

  1. ChelleConnor

    Today I went to Sallys and ordered in all my Gelish bits. I picked up a cuticle oil instead of a PH Bond by mistake.
    I am selling all of my OPI GelColor and I am wondering if the Bond Aid from OPI's range can be used instead of Gelish's PH Bond. (My sallys dont have PH Bond in stock and have to order it in especially, meaning I will have to go down there to pay for it and I dont have the time at the moment)
    I know its bad to mix systems and I wouldnt do it normally! But as its prep and people use CND's Scrubfresh with other systems Im wondering if I can do the same with the Bonds?

    Thanks x
  2. pipsqueak
    I don't use bond aid with Gelish anyway, so wouldn't worry about it - I and clients get up to 3 weeks without using Bond Aid, just an added item you really don't need (imo!!).

    Jo xx
  3. Devonnaydf
    I have used Bond-Aid in place of PH Bond for Gelish. I've also used Gelish without it too. I think they are both dehydrators. Either way I didn't have any problems. Of course you should always use the products meant for the system you using. Can you compare the ingredients of the two?
  4. ChelleConnor
    Thanks Girls for your replies! x
  5. K-Nails
    Hi chelle Connor

    Have you started using Gelish yet and how does it compare to Opi? Would be interested to know xxx

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