How many years does it take to become a good hairdresser?

Discussion in 'Hair' started by amyonex, Oct 9, 2012.

  1. amyonex
    Hi Geeks,

    Just wanted to now how long it takes to become a good hairdresser where you feel happy with the work you produce.

    I went into hairdressing 2 half years ago now and am trained to nvq 3 but still stuggle with my confidence every time i do a client.
    People say it can take 5 years min to be a good hairdresser is that true??

    Love any feedback thanks xxx
  2. pinky_kez
    Depends if you went to collage or apprenticeship, I did apprenticeship up to levels 3 which took 2.5 years and about another year on the floor

    (I was on the floor 1 day a week from just before I got my level 2 and slowly built up clients buy the time is was level 3 I was 4 days on the floor full most if the time and 1 day at college)

    So I think it depends how many real clients you get and when you get your own column, and if you manage it your self (when things were booked in I could allow extra time so wasn't rushed and alway use to have my chair next to my boss if I was unsure of a client)

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  3. littlemiss-32
    Hi! I dont think there is a definitive answer to this really; ive been a hairdresser for 12 years now and though im confident in my work I still feel there will always be more to learn! Changing trends etc!

    Do you work in a Salon? Im now self employed but can honestly say my most valuable experience was gained from my years in a salon environment, you learn to work under pressure, as a team and are able to watch more experienced stylists.

    After qualifying I spent about 4 years in a Salon and yes when I left to become self employed I was happy and confident with the standard of my work and felt I was a 'good hairdresser'.

    If you are not Salon based I would def recommend you work in one for at least a couple of days a week, ur confidence and experience would build in no time!
    Hth and best of luck xxx

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  4. Tomme
    Confidence is so personal your question has no answer. Some may say it takes years some a week, I completed my training, and am lucky enough to have a huge family, I was confident within a few months of hard work. In regards to being a good hairdresser, you can be good from the Seattle but have no confidence. Your only as good as your client is happy! And no one is perfect xoxo
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  5. LillyGoose
    Well said Tomme!!! X
  6. MTHair78
    I always tell the young stylists that I mentor who bring his question to my attention. The anxiety of working with new clients goes away when you find your confidence through massive amounts of education, and practice and perfecting every lesson and skill set before you.
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  7. persianista
    Truthfully? 5 years to become happy and confident, 10 years to become the best you can be.
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  8. lancashirelass
    I love this! I love your posts and they are so honest.

    By 55 I could be happy and confident and by 60 I could become the best. By 65 I will be on the pension lol

    I am in college doing hairdressing now and I thought I would be the oldest there but I am not and there are two older than me but its going good lol.
  9. Tomme
    I recently worked with a salon owner who was 60. She was amazing. Business going super well and no advertising or looking for new clients. Everything is word of mouth. She's taught me a hell of a lot while I was there, and is kind enough to offer me advice when I need it while I'm starting my own salon.
    The way I see it, she's been in her salon almost 40 years, seeing as she's not closed down, does not advertise and has a great reputation, I'm quite sure I can say she's doing something right, and won't question or second think any advice she gives xoxo
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  10. greenreader29
    It truly is a state of mind, if you believe your no good your clients will think your " no good". Best advice I ever received in hair school" fake it till you make it". Believe in yourself practice like crazy! We all have self doubt at times, and we forget sometimes and screw up when we know better! All part of being human😉
  11. lancashirelass

    If I put as much effort and time Into my hairdressing as I have to my hair extensions I am sure I will be good in the future. I find the whole aspect of it all very fascinating and interesting and loving every minute of it. As for age I feel more younger, having more experiences and a more wilder now than I did when I was 30.

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