How to attract clients?

Discussion in 'Business' started by bondgirl78, Sep 22, 2008.

  1. bondgirl78
    Hi all

    Im trying to attract more clients for my new business but its proving difficult. I work from a room in my in laws hosue which is very clean and nice. I have printed my pricelists which are very professional...i have only posted a few through letter boxes in a couple roads but have not done much more than that.

    Does anyone have any ideas or inspiration for me? Im feeling a bit low at the moment :cry::cry:

    thanks xx
  2. ~ Fickle Feet ~
    try typing words in to the search box such as 'Advertising' 'Marketing' 'Promotions' will find a load of useful ideas that have already been posted.

    the search facility on this site is fantastic!
  3. ukfaye
    :) Dont get down it will take time. Especially when you dont have a shop front. More leaflet drops will help. Anything is better than nothing. Would your inlaws mind if you got an A board to sit out front of the house to make more local people aware your there. I'm mobile so i got a decal from vista print to put in my car window to adertise. Also you can put a free add on and Gumtree. Have yougot small village mags that come out monthly you could always ask to pop a price list into each of those. Or if you have a hair salon near by without a beauty room. Offer the staff dicount treatments if you can put price lists there. Keep plugging away hun it will get there. Good luck.:hug:
  4. sam28
    I agree with the others, do a search on here, write a list of things to do and do them all one by one. Do client referral cards and with that and word of mouth you will soon find you have more clients. Keep in there !! xx
  5. LipstickLady
    Sassies' article was fantastic! thank you oxoxox

    I get a lot of business from my website that I posted on all the freebie search engine sites I could find - over 20, and I'm pretty high up now in google, and other search engines. has also helped me a lot - I track my hits and continue to get referrals from that site almost every day. I can post the sites here or anyone is welcomed to email me direct and I'll list them.

    Regarding a website: Not sure if you have it in your neck of the woods, but I love - they host my site and I used one of their templates to design both my websites with great success. Cheap and easy to use plus I love the fact that I can update my sites any time I want and I don't have to pay a webmaster or rely on someone else to understand what I want. I also believe that a website makes a business appear more professional... just my two cents! love, kelly
  6. sam28
    Its is, she's a star. I did that on a quiet day, google's free advertising and registered with about twenty directory websites. xx

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