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Discussion in 'Nail' started by naat2291, Jul 15, 2011.

  1. naat2291
    hi all,

    first post from me. newly qualified in acrylic nails. planning ahead for when i have had a lot more practise, will have to go mobile as no room to do nails in my house.

    i have found a fold up picnic table that i will get, its approx the same dimensions as the portable manicure tables but for half the price. but i was wondering about seating? do i need to take my own chair for me? and for client?

    any help would be great,
    many thanks.
  2. Gemma193
    Ooh where have you found a small table, my manicure table is a bit heavy for getting in and out of the car x
  3. naat2291
    amazon, i just searched picnic table and looked at them all for an appropriate height.
  4. Emily S
    I use a Folding TV Table and take one chair with me and the client sits comfy on their sofa, never had anyone who has been uncomfortable this way.

    My TV Table was from B&M's and cost £6,99 but they've stopped stocking them, just looked on eBay and they're £10.94 for the cheapest to be delivered. :)
  5. naat2291
    thanks, i thought carrying 2 chairs + table around would be a bit much!!
  6. LadyGray
    This sounds great but I hope you don't mind me asking, what do you do with all your equipment while you do the nails? I'm thinking what I have on my table for one client for a bog standard manicure...

    hand steriliser
    base coat
    top coat
    cuticle cream
    orange sticks
    tiny table top bin
    roll of paper (just to keep to hand incase althoguh that could of course stand on the floor)
    lint free wipes
    jar with mundo in for tools

    if I can find a way to not have to take my heavy table around with me I'd be all for it but I can't get my head around these little tv tables and all my stuff! Help!
  7. lisa.sharrock
    Word of warning with mobile tables and chairs. Try to get a table with the legs still attached and a small, lightweight, foldable chair.

    I just think it's a pain in the wotsits not only having to lug in your equipment but then having to carry in your table in 2 separate trips.

    There are certain times that I absolutely HATE being mobile.

    I could kiss clients who, on the rare occasion, have set up a table for me!
  8. Emily S
    I have a bag for my tools, a bag for my products and a bag for my Shellac polishes.

    Once I set up I pop my tools in to sterilise in a little screw top jar and work from the bags - they're see through make-up sized - works for me and everything is packed away as I finish :)
  9. LadyGray
    Fab thank you...I'll have to rethink my set up and methods a bit I think!
  10. Sher16
    Emily, what did you search for on ebay to find your table? You mentioned its no longer avail but is on struggling?
    Em x
  11. Emily S
  12. Miss Pink23
    I too work from my case. I never get everything out at the start.
    I have a a nail table-it is quite heavy but great. I dont always take it as some clients tables are fine, but its good to have it if necessary. I dont have chairs-theres just too much to take otherwise, I use my clients and have never had a problem with this.
  13. Sher16
    Thanks Emily! Blonde momemt for me for sure!
    I also work from my kit - my ever expanding kit. I need to get another box and split it up so its all sorted and i just have 2/3cases - as right now i have one huge case, two bags, and a vvv large box :-( aaah!!! Lol x
  14. Emily S
    No problem :)

    My chair is like this: FOLD UP FOLDING FOLDABLE BLACK PADDED FOAM OFFICE CHAIR | eBay ..only it's pink and white polka dots, I can easily carry that and my table under one arm and wheel my suitcase along with the other hand. Even if I'm struggling it literally takes 30 seconds to nip back for either the chair or table, if someone came to my house (before I started doing nails) I wouldn't have had a chair for them to sit on across a table. :)
  15. Sher16
    Another Q what is your wheely case like? Does it come to bits?
    I use a metal square case plus bags which go over shoulder like huge with compartments. Quite keen to get a larger case on wheels that perhaps splits into two or three cases that can be carried. Is that what u have and would you recommend? Em x
  16. Emily S
    It's actually just a wheely suitcase that lays down and fully opens up and has an extra pocket on the outside where I store all my tips. :)
  17. TracyS
    I've got the same as Emily - infact I've got one for every treatment type I do! They're all the size that you used to be able to take on as hand luggage so dead easy to get in and out of cars and houses.

    Far better than any of the more traditional beauty cases for my purposes.
  18. butterfly :)
    i have a 3 box wheely trolly case, its brilliant for storing all my stuff. the compartments are removable too and the top has a tray to keep all those little bits you dont want to lose, plus a mirror extra bonus lol. i also have a single carry case, i can put it on top and pull it around without too much hassle. ebay sell them and amazon. i got mine from my lovely hubby, he got it in sallys at xmas. :)
  19. Sher16
    Thats what i am after!!!! I have a single case full of all my gel and acrylic products and tools, bag with all manic/pedic, bag with all eye related stuff ie lashes tinting, box with nail art, bag of shellac and minx...its a pain (literally a pain in the back!) lol! Xxx
  20. butterfly :)
    have a look at these,
    beauty trolley | eBay


    hope these links work lol. they are the same as what i have, alot cheaper than my hubby paid though :( the lid bit on top can be put onto the other 2 if you only need to take one with you. very useful to me. theres lots of other types if you prefer a different style. hope you find a good storage solution :) x

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