Spray Tan......psoriasis!!!

Discussion in 'Skin' started by Dinkydot, Mar 30, 2008.

  1. Dinkydot
    Hi Everyone,

    I have patches of PSORIASIS on my elbows and lower legs which is improving every week, with the summer fast approaching I would love to be able to wear shorts, skirts etc I was wondering if having a spray tan might cover my psoriasis up somewhat or would it make it worse? Im so fedup having to live in jeans and combats through the summer.


    Angie xx
  2. joe90
    It shouldn't make it any worse luvvie, but what you need to remember is that any spray tan grabs any dry areas extremely well and therefore the tan can look darker in these areas and in fact draw attention to your psoriasis patches if they are really bad.
  3. nailquueen
    Apply plenty of barrier cream to the dry area.I spray a young lady myself she has the same problem.Wipe the cream away after tanning.Then apply some more & blend in the area mixing the cream & tan together,thus its ditutes it,& wont stand out as much.But if the skin is broken dont tan it.lol
  4. Tracey Park
    Excellent advice Ms Wilding if I do say so !!!!
  5. collin
    Hi Angie,
    you are not alone with this problem and I certainly feel for you and those that suffer.
    In generall terms there is no reason why you should not use a spraytan but just be a little carefull.

    Some pointers for you.

    Make sure you select the right liquid aplication...do some skin patch tests to areas where there are no Psoriasis patches to ensure you won't have a reaction.

    Never spray over areas of infection where the skin surface is broken (either through cracking or scratching)

    Never spray if the effected areas are inflamed or excessivley active

    Choose a liquid that is natural and has minimal initial colour guide/dye as this has a tendncy to be absorbed by dry dead skin and will accentuate dark patches and will be diffcult to wash out.

    Lightly apply moisturiser to any excessive dead skin patchy areas before being sprayed.

    Always explain your skin problem to the person doing your spraytan..if they have been properly trained they should know only to well how to deal with you properly.

    After the spraytan try not to scratch any effected areas as this could agrovate your condition.

    The dead skin areas may require ongoing and additional moisturiser.

    Take your time and reserch as much as you can..is the liquid compatible...are you confident the spraytan operator has sprayed someone with your condition before..maybe even ask the salon you are going to if they would give you a partial tan to areas that are clear..this will build up your confidence..

    If you do all these things slowly and carefully there realy is no reason why you shouldnt enjoy healthy looking tan and get those shorts out for the summer.
    Hoping this helps:hug:

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