My natural nails using Dashing Diva wide and Negligee.

My natural nails using Dashing Diva wide and Negligee.

Hi These look lovely. how did you do these, is the negligee the polish or shellac. Thanks. Abi
Thank you :) Yes hun it's Shellac. I applied DD, Basecoat, 2 thin coats of Negligee then topcoat. I thought 2 coats of Negligee would make the whites too pink but as you can see it didn't x
Thanks guys! I cannot tell you how many people have been commenting on them. When I tell them about Shellac and DD they are amazed. I had the thin DD on for nearly 3 weeks previous to this photo with no lift at free edge or eponychium, fantastic! My nails have grown that much I had to change to the wide ones. Think I may even have to file them down next time!
I saw the Dashing Diva at the Event, but wasn't taken by it. But on seeing this picture I am sold. Will be purchasing my DD Kit tomorrow. Lovely picture and beautiful natural nails xxxxx

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